Jordan Scorches Dems for Being ‘Hellbent on Impeaching’ Trump: ‘Americans Deserve More’

Jim Jordan
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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is laying into Democrats for escalating calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment amid whistleblower complaints about the Ukraine controversy.

The president has found himself under intense pressure from Democratic lawmakers for his impeachment following a whistleblower’s complaint that was filed on August 12. The complaint alleges that the president sought foreign help from Ukraine during a phone call to dig up dirt on political rival Joe Biden or risk the U.S. withholding military aid.

Another whistleblower complaint came to light on Sunday, suggesting they have first-hand information surrounding the first complaint, as IJR reported.

According to The Washington Post, Democrats in the House are mulling the idea of protecting the identity of the whistleblower from Republican colleagues, as they consider to distort the individual’s voice and hold a testimony at a remote location.

Jordan, House Judiciary Committee member, penned a USA Today op-ed published late Monday where he torched congressional Democrats for “trying to impeach” the president “because they know they can’t remove President Trump otherwise.”

While pointing to then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether there was collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia and now an alleged “quid pro quo to pressure the Ukrainian government,” Jordan laid out “the problem” with it.

“Here’s the problem: Democrats are basing these latest allegations on a whistleblower complaint full of secondhand, hearsay information about a call with the Ukrainian president. The whistleblower was not on the call. A call transcript, released by President Trump, shows no quid pro quo of any kind. And as for the allegation of pressure, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, ‘Nobody pushed me.'”

“But Americans won’t hear these facts from Democrats,” Jordan added. “Democrats have already prejudged the case, and now they need to deliver for the left-wing special interests hellbent on impeaching President Trump.”

The Republican lawmaker claimed that the president has had “unprecedented transparency” when the White House publicly released the transcript of the phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Jordan concluded: “Americans deserve more.”

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Screw, don’t be ridiculous. That is what an investigation is for. So far everything aligns with the report, Trump has admitted to much of it, and there has been nothing disproven about the report.


Hmm. The transcript supports NOTHING the Dims claim. The Ukrainian president, an ACTUAL PARTICIPANT in the conversation denies any pressure, as do the indicative remarks by the former ambassador to the Ukraine. Fact: Quid Pro Joe took his snorterrific son along on trips to China and Ukraine AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. Suddenly it rained money for his son, who took time off from having sex with his brother’s widow. Something awfully hinky about that. Fact: Gropin’ Graspin’ Joe later publicly bragged about abusing his VP position to extort the firing of a prosecutor who was looking into why, a cokehead with… Read more »


“secondhand, hearsay information” that has been verified by the facts released so far and that is the kind of information usually used to start any kind of investigation. How stupid he must think we are.





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