Jorge Ramos Reveals a Very Personal Boast About Last Year’s Immigration Brawl with Trump

Last August, journalist Jorge Ramos was ejected by security from a Donald Trump press conference.

As Trump stepped up to the podium to begin his presser, Ramos stood up and began asking a series of questions about immigration.

But when Trump told Ramos to sit back down because he hadn’t been called on, the journalist continued to talk. Eventually, security had to remove Ramos, though he was allowed to return later for a chance to speak with the businessman.

The incident prompted The Huffington Post to write:

“Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissively told highly respected television anchor Jorge Ramos to ‘go back to Univision’ before security physically removed the Mexican-American journalist from a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

Ramos was trying to ask Trump about his plan to deport all undocumented immigrants, but the business mogul and GOP presidential candidate said he was interrupting.”

As it turns out, the incident was highly orchestrated by Ramos to make Trump look as bad as possible following a publicized fight between the businessman and Ramos’ network, Univision.

The feud began when Univision decided to cut ties with Miss Universe, of which Trump was then a co-owner. The network said that the mogul’s “insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants” was the reason behind the decision, according to Politico. That happened on June 25, 2015.

The same day, Jorge Ramos sent the presumptive GOP nominee “a handwritten note requesting an interview,” Esquire reports. The note contained Ramos’s cell phone number. The next day, Trump published the note on his Instagram, which still displayed the reporter’s phone number. The post has since been deleted.

Ramos was not happy and began to plan his press conference stunt.

Image Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images
Image Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

The now-Fusion anchor told Esquire:

“I knew I had to do something back. I had to react in a very public way. We realized he was going to do a news conference in Dubuque, Iowa. And we thought, correctly, that few journalists would follow him all the way to Dubuque.”

Everything was exactingly choreographed: the positioning of the cameras, his stature, and body language. Trump “wasn’t going to have a position of authority over me,” Ramos told Esquire. The journalist also knew that he would be heard because of his mic, so he could continue to speak without being cut off.

During his Esquire interview, Ramos lamented being tossed out while still asking his question, saying:

“For the first time in thirty years as a journalist, I was ejected from a press conference for trying to ask a question. The only other time a guard prevented me from asking a question was with Fidel Castro.”

Ramos also complained to CNN about being removed, insisting that Trump “acted in an incredibly authoritarian way,” and that such behavior is “dangerous for press freedom in the United States.”

Despite telling CNN that his intent was to “unmask” Trump, it seems Ramos may have unmasked himself by revealing his stunt during his interview with Esquire.

Donald Trump has yet to respond to the revelation in the Ramos interview.

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