‘It’s All About the Money’: Hawley Blasts Nike’s ‘Hypocrisy’ in Pulling American Flag Shoes

First-term Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) tore into shoe company Nike over them pulling Betsy Ross flag-themed shoes, after some people called the flag offensive, claiming the decision was “all about the money.”

During Wednesday’s interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Hawley was pressed for his thoughts on the recent tweet he posted where he blasted Nike over their decision to pull an American Revolution flag-themed shoe from stores.

“Nike is a symbol of everything wrong with the corporate economy,” wrote the Missouri senator. “They take advantage of our laws but send jobs overseas for sweatshop wages, partner [with] repressive regimes, aggressively avoid paying any US taxes, and then tell Americans to shut up and buy their stuff.”

Hawley torched the decision by the shoe giant as “terrible” while explaining that “Founding Mother” Betsy Ross’ flag was something that represented “the best of America.”

Watch the video below:

“It’s just terrible, Bill, what they’re doing here. You would think this would be something to celebrate, the Betsy Ross flag. Betsy Ross, let’s not forget, [was] an independent businesswoman who had her own shop in Philidelphia, who designed our nation’s first flag, who sewed our nation’s first flag. I mean, she’s truly a Founding Mother. This is something that’s the best of America.”

The Missouri Republican continued to claim that while Nike viewed the Betsy Ross flag as “controversial,” they were “sure willing to make a buck in China,” calling it the “worst kind of hypocrisy.”

Hawley was then asked what he thought the reason behind Nike’s move was, to which the senator responded by saying he believed it was “all about the money.”

“I think it’s because it’s all about the money at the end of the day,” Hawley said.

While Hawley blasted Nike’s move to pull the shoes, some prominent Democrats are praising the decision.

As IJR Red previously reported, 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro (D) lauded the decision by the shoe giant, saying that he was “glad to see” the move.

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Judith Cook
Judith Cook

Everything this admin does is about money so this should fall with approval to the Pres.


Hawley is wrong. It’s not about the money, since Nike has already “sunk costs” in shoes it will not sell. As I said before, it’s about the other “m” word. Marketing.

Patti Harrison

Says it all, Nike is all about the Money, employing slave labour in China, really big hypocrisy don’t you think!!!


Of course it’s all about money. Nike isn’t making shoes for charity. The shoes were a stupid idea in the first place

I would never have bought a pair, not because of an “oppressive” Betsy Ross flag, but instead because I respect the flag dearly in all of its forms and don’t feel that it belongs where it’s going to get stepped on. The shoes are disrespectful by design, but nobody else seems to recognize that. This was truly a no-win product from Nike.


Goodbye Nike. Hello Adidas

william jackson

Boycott Nike!


More than money it’s about appealing to an anti-American market.

What’s this thing called “consumer choice”? Let those who want do so buy it and let those who choose not to do so. Nope. Nike has picked a side.

There’s also this thing called “the free market” and I will continue to choose NOT to buy Nike products.





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