Joy Behar Melts Down on ‘The View’ Because the CMAs Avoided Politics: ‘We Are In an Emergency’


During Thursday’s episode of “The View,” host Joy Behar slammed the CMA Awards for avoiding politics.

Instead of using the awards show to make a political point, the show instead chose to spread positivity. However, Behar was unhappy with the decision and spoke out about it on the show.

“I think I’m overreacting to this but I believe that everybody should be involved in politics right now,” Behar said. “I really do. I don’t believe that you get a pass just because you’re a performer.”


Behar also claimed that the country was at a tipping point, almost sounding panicked because the country music stars did not speak up.

“My personal belief is that we are in an emergency. The democracy is at risk, and everybody should be speaking up, everybody,” Behar said.

CMA co-host Brad Paisley claimed that he was not interested in poking fun at politics anymore.

“I’m not gonna touch that. I just don’t find politics funny anymore,” Paisley told Taste of Country. “There was a time when it was. It’s just not funny to me anymore.”

Yet “The View” host said she believed speaking out was necessary.

“I know that if I stayed neutral I would make ten times more money than I earn, to tell the truth, but I make the decision to speak my mind and give my opinion. That’s what I believe should be done,” Behar said.

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Lindsay Zipprich

We are in an emergency situation, the Democrats committed massive voter fraud across the country. What can we do at this point to overturn the crimes that were committed? Do you really want us to follow their agenda? Do you want a Globalist Socialist Police State in our near future?

Jennifer McKay West

She is entitled her opinion and that is exactly what it is, an opinion. She should follow the lines of Dolly Parton ” Of course I have my opinion about everybody and everything, but I learned a long time ago to keep your damn mouth shut if you want to stay in show business. I’m not in politics. I’m an entertainer. ”

Wendy Baker Webb

She literally makes we want to hurl. The only thing threatening democracy is the left. Trump is actually trying to PROTECT our country and it’s CITIZENS.

Vicki Hunter-Carreno

I thought it was Really Refreshing Not to have an opinion rammed ,down my throat. Rather enjoyed an Awards Show for a change.

Leah Schaffer Petka Garhovd

Joy Behar manages to put her ignorance “on view” on “The View.” That she can say some of things she says can be described as either hilarious or tragic. She’d be a great replacement for either Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Walters. (tongue in cheek)

Leslie St Lawrence

I think the CMA’s did a phenomenal job. We don’t need an extension of the media to discuss politics. I have stopped watching the extension shows, such as The View. I stay to my local news where I get a taste of the national news. If I want to follow anything further I go online where I want to go. Give it time….ratings drive these shows. Eventually shows like The View will go away. Just don’t watch.


Joy, you ignorant twat, they stayed away from politics because they aren’t classless turds, like you. Nobody wants to hear your shrill ass voice anymore. Retire.


I think Joy Behar should retire! She’s a washed up old broad (not lady or woman) but a brassy, big mouth BROAD. She grips if people comment (against her VIEWS) or if people choose not to comment about politics. Nobody wants or at least I know I don’t want to hear about politics at concerts, award ceremonies, church (well you get my point) and I could careless about any celebrities opinion on politics! It wouldn’t sway me one way or the other…. Joy Behar get a real job

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