Joy Villa Is Given 48 Hours to Remove ‘Make America Great Again’ Song for Violating YouTube Standards


Since singer Joy Villa rocked the red carpet of the Grammy’s in a “Make America Great Again” dress, she hasn’t been shy about her support for President Donald Trump or love for her country.

On Independence Day, Villa released her newest song, “Make America Great Again,” and although it’s title is Trump’s campaign slogan, the video, which was released a few weeks ago, makes no reference to the president at all.

“Artists create the future, and right now I see a lot of destruction to our future,” Villa told LifeZette. “It’s a love song to America.”

The video showcases images of various, ordinary, Americans of all different races and genders, accompanied by lyrics such as “we can still be the voice of every hungry child,” and “be the sound of every freedom song.”

Screenshot/YouTube; Independent Journal Review

While the video has been up for weeks, on Saturday, Villa tweeted that YouTube took her video down, which she re-uploaded about an hour later and tweeted, “I refuse to be silenced.”

The singer later tweeted a letter she received from YouTube informing her that the streaming site received a complaint and she had 48 hours to edit the video or it would be removed again.

Villa argued that she had written consent from every person in the video, however, per the letter, YouTube claimed “we cannot accept or review agreements granting consent before the video was uploaded,” and added that the video can still be removed.

While the complaint was once “nameless,” YouTube eventually revealed to Villa the time stamp of the video that allegedly violated its privacy policy and she blurred the woman’s face.


However, the woman in question appears twice, and based on Villa’s claim that she was given only one time stamp, it seems there was no issue with the image being used later in the video.


“I personally shot each beautiful American in my video and received written and verbal consent from everyone, and they all knew what the project was,” Villa told The Blaze. “The video’s been up for a few weeks, yet no one said anything until now.”

“YouTube is censoring Pro America artists,” the singer added.

She also noted that former Pussycat Dolls member Kaya Jones, who is also a Trump supporter, noticed the views on her YouTube video declined from 60,000 to 53,000.

Independent Journal Review reached out to Villa for comment, but had not received response at the time of publication.