Joy Villa: Keep Confederate Monuments. We Have a 9/11 Memorial, Does Not Mean ‘We Celebrate’ It

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Singer and political commentator Joy Villa made an interesting argument on Fox News concerning the removal of Confederate monuments.

Villa argued that the monuments, which are being targeted for removal across the country, are not offensive because they commemorate “a moment in history.” Villa used the logic that we have memorials to many moments of pain in American history, such as 9-11, and that does not mean we are “celebrating” it. According to Villa:

“We should not get rid of these statues. Just because we have a statue doesn’t mean we are celebrating what happened. It commemorates a moment in history. Just like we have a 9/11 memorial. Trying to erase history is putting us backward, not forward.”

According to previous IJR reporting:

There has been a wave of mob protests across the country demanding the removal of controversial statues from coast to coast.

Sometimes, those protesters become violent and sometimes the protesters forcibly remove the statues themselves. In one instance in North Carolina, protesters were arrested for vandalizing and tearing down a Confederate statue. The statues targeted for removal are typically offensive to some and politically incorrect to others. They range from slave-owning generals to America’s founding fathers.

Villa directly criticized the protesters who are tearing down statues, saying “We need to stop trying to destroy thing that offend us and put thing that celebrate what happened.” Villa said, “It was bad, that happened now what can we do to celebrate people who fought against slavery and ended the civil war.”

When asked by Fox host Jessie Waters about a poll showing that only 27 percent believe Confederate statues should be removed, Villa said, “I think instead of tearing down America, we need to build America up.”

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