Joy Villa Sends Planned Parenthood a Message With Another Statement Dress at Pro-Life Movie Premiere

Singer Joy Villa is known for making political statements with her fashion, and the Monday premiere of pro-life movie “Unplanned” was no exception.

Villa was inspired to make a custom dress for the premiere due to the movie’s inspiration β€” Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic who changed her beliefs due to her experience working with the organization.

“I told Johnson I wanted to do a custom dress for the premiere because I wanted her to be in on it, because this is her film, her story, it’s very personal. She wrote it and produced it. So we came up with some options,” Villa told The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the video below:

In a video on Twitter, Villa claimed that she wanted to send a message that would catch people’s attention:

Women are flawed. Women are vulnerable. Woman are strong because of our femininity & flaws, we are not Barbies! We give birth & raise generations & can heal the world. We are life givers & I’m sending a strong message of opposition to those who seek to destroy unborn women.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images for Unplanned Movie, LLC

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Villa said she was not against women’s health care clinics but was speaking out on Planned Parenthood’s attempts to excuse the number of abortions performed at their clinics.

“Yes, I believe in women’s health care clinics, but abortion is not health care and Planned Parenthood has been pushing that and indoctrinating girls with pink and girliness. So that’s why my dress is hot pink and very girly,” Villa said.

The movie has also received some backlash due to its R-rating and depiction of abortion. But Villa said she is glad that people are taking the content of the movie seriously.

“I think that an R rating makes it more notorious. I think you should be at least 14 or 15 to see it,” Villa said. “Everyone knows that even if a movie is PG-13, you’re still taking 8- and 9-year-olds. So I think a PG-13 rating people might think it’s more gentle than it is. It would cause nightmares for a little kid.”

As IJR Red reported, Johnson now works as a pro-life activist that fights to give mothers alternative options to abortion.


  1. FINALLY; someone who gets it that MURDER is not “healthcare”. I’m too old to know or care who this woman is; but I do like the message she sends with that dress to the mobsters at Planned Butcherhood.

  2. Villa is making a statement. Whether it advances her career is up to the audience. I’ve heard some of her material and I will agree that she’s talented.

    1. I think we agree “good way” is in the rear view mirror. One gets attention in America for the most obscene & classless acts. If someone makes a wildly obscene statement such as “grabbing women by the p-ssy,” it is excused as “just locker room talk”. If a POTUS disparages the name of a deceased American hero & US statesman, it is met with silence from his party.. If a US Rep calls the POTUS a “m-f’er” it is cheered by his opponents. WAY past time to restore civility & class.

      1. I doubt there will be anything close to “civility” or “adulthood” unless or until the Democratic/Socialist Party is abolished. Nearly 100% of the slander and disrespect originates on the Left and has since a few down there decided to exercise their vocal cords. Hillary, Maxine Waters and a few other “females” have really shown their disrespect for our POTUS and for Americans with their gutter talk and it continues with the likes of the anti-Semite Omar and an immature bar maid named AOC.

        1. Which Democrat called McCain, “not a war hero”? Jeb “low energy”? Rubio “little Marco”? Carson “pathological”? Cruz, “lyin’ Ted” & claimed his father was involved in Kennedy assassination? Called the voters of Iowa “stupid”? Said Megyn Kelly had blood coming from where ever? Hillary Clinton created ISIS.

      2. Seriously, at least 9 IJR readers believe the Access Hollywood tape & the Howard Stern interviews are what you believe your sons, grandsons, brothers, husband, & father are saying in locker rooms? That is acceptable behavior? That is the behavior you wish your sons & grandsons to emulate. God help the country if that is true.

    2. q.v. the Kardashians.

      “Celebrity” in modern times is less an achievement than how many “followers” one has. That’s an interesting choice of modern usage, by the way. Cult of personality much?

      I’m old enough to remember when people were celebrated for actually accomplishing/doing things. Nowadays being famous or notorious is enough. q.v. celebrities by way of scandals or sex tapes.

      1. We are all old enough to see a SANE America in the rear view mirror. You can join the insanity or you can help to restore sanity.

        1. It’s arguable whether “sanity” would have allowed a bunch of colonists to fight against the world’s superpower (at that time).

          Let’s look at modern insanities. Men are women. Living beings created by other living beings are just “clumps of cells”. There’s NO border crisis despite hundreds of thousands caught.

          It continues. We can sustain a modern society by eliminating modern transport and working power sources.

          The Party of Science™? Insanity? More likely.

        2. Rear view mirror of what? Certainly not a motor vehicle, according to current Dim doctrine. Horses and oxen both emit methane, so those are out.

          Perhaps they’ll hire humans, at government-mandated wages, to provide transport. Any attempts to unionize will, of course, be squelched as not government approved.

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