Joy Villa’s MAGA Video Faces Removal. Now She’s Speaking Out About What It Really Means


In February, singer Joy Villa stunned the Grammy’s red carpet with her “Make America Great Again” dress, and in July, she released a new song under the same title.

While the video was released weeks ago, on Saturday, she was informed that YouTube had received a complaint, and she was given 48 hours to make the proper edits or her video could be taken down.

The outspoken advocate for President Donald Trump also noticed that views on her video — as well as those of pro-Trump singer, former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones — were decreasing.

“Things don’t add up,” Villa told Independent Journal Review and claimed that she’s being targeted because of her political views, which she says are entirely separate from the message of her song, “Make America Great Again.”

Villa’s title may have ties to Trump, but the singer explained to IJR her song is “filled with positive and inspiring messages of hope and unity.”

Screenshot/YouTube/Independent Journal Review

The video for “Make America Great Again” features shots of everyday Americans of all races and ethnicities accompanied by lyrics such as:

“Let’s make America great again / We can come back twice as strong
We can still be the voice of every hungry child
Be the sound of every freedom song, yes my dear, we can
Make America great again”

Her song, like many other artists, is an extension of her own ideas.

Villa explained that she knows with “all my heart,” that if everyone can work toward the common goal of “reinvigorating our nation,” we’ll be able to “enjoy a productive, diverse and beautiful community where we can all thrive with respect.”

It’s been argued that Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is an ode to the nation’s racist past, but in Villa’s opinion, its significance is all about the future.

She revealed that, to her, the slogan means “strength through unity,” policies that support “free speech,” “less government control,” “jobs and economic growth,” and “small businesses.” Villa also added:

“America first policies puts us back at the helm of our future for the next generation to come. I want my future children to grow up in an America where we have the same freedom and liberties our Founding Fathers envisioned for us in the Constitution.”

Chuck Coker/Flickr

When she got the letter from YouTube, she told IJR she felt “completely handicapped” because she had no option to provide proof she had obtained the proper permission from everyone in her video. This recent incident combined with being banned on Facebook and other “strange reports” have made her realize it isn’t a “coincidence.”

However, she has no plans of slowing down. “I won’t be silenced,” she told IJR. “Conservative is the new counterculture and apparently it’s very dangerous to be pro-America these days.”

Villa explained to IJR that all the backlash does is give her “more energy to fight back by creating even more content” and added that artists have notoriously fought censorship by being “vocal,” “loud,” and “creating even more.”

Her inherent need to push back against the censorship she feels she’s experiencing isn’t only for her own work, but for the future of the country.

She told IJR she believes if she doesn’t speak out about it, artists will continue to be censored, and “free speech will dangerously become a thing of the past.”

In terms of her video, she’s still awaiting YouTube’s final decision and noted that it can be taken down “at any moment.”

Watch Villa’s “Make America Great Again” video below:

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