Judge Orders Stormy Daniels to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees — And It Won’t Be Cheap

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Stormy Daniels lost her defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump and now she’s going to pay for it — literally.

Daniels and her attorney Michael Avenatti took the president to court for defamation after he claimed that she lied about being physically threatened by a man after coming forward about her alleged sexual relationship with Trump.

The adult film star claimed a man came up to her and threatened her to remain silent on her relationship with Trump. The man allegedly also threatened to harm her son. She also had a sketch artist draw out what she thought the man looked like.

In response to her story, Trump tweeted:

After that tweet, Avenatti and Daniels sued for defamation.

The judge threw out the lawsuit, writing:

“The Court agrees with Mr. Trump’s argument because the tweet in question constitutes ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ normally associated with politics and public discourse in the United States. The First Amendment protects this type of rhetorical statement.”

At the time, the judge ruled that Daniels would be paying Trump’s legal fees, but the total amount had not been determined.

On Tuesday, the judge ruled that Daniels owes Trump’s legal team $293,000, along with an additional sanction of $1,000. Although this is a lot of money, Daniels was let off easy. Trump’s legal team had requested $390,000.

As IJR previously reported, Daniels has distanced herself from the defamation suit, claiming that she never wanted to move forward with it in the first place. She claimed that Avenatti pushed the case without her consent.

Daniels told the Daily Beast:

“Michael has been a great advocate in many ways. I’m tremendously grateful to him for aggressively representing me in my fight to regain my voice. But in other ways Michael has not treated me with the respect and deference an attorney should show to a client. He has spoken on my behalf without my approval. He filed a defamation case against Donald Trump against my wishes.”

In response to the judge’s $293,000 ruling, Avenatti claimed that Daniels wouldn’t have to pay anything because he believes they will win their outstanding lawsuit related to a nondisclosure agreement. He also claimed the president is bad at math.

A judge has yet to rule on the NDA case. For Avenatti’s sake and Daniels’ bank account, they better hope this case goes better than their last lawsuit.

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Hmm. Maybe Stormy’s next step should be to sue Avenatti for legal malfeasance (or something like it). Big question: who will represent and will it be on contingency.

Avenatt’s basically broke. He lost his lease due to unpaid rent. He owes money to his former partners and I hope Kavanaugh sues for defamation.


Avenatti counting chickens before they hatch it seems. Even if they do win, I’d be pissed my lawyer lost me 300k of my winnings on something I didn’t even want done.





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