2020 Democrat Takes Heat for Telling Woman Victimized by an Illegal Immigrant That ‘Crime Happens’


Julián Castro seemed to sidestep an immigration question during a Fox News town hall on Thursday.

The Democratic presidential candidate was asked a question about immigration from a woman who had her identity stolen by an illegal immigrant.

“He was caught and then released on his own recognizance, never to be heard from again,” she said to Castro. “My question is, would you be willing to penalize offenders taking advantage of Americans by having them not released if they’re known to be illegal?”

Castro began his answer by making an excuse for the man’s actions.

“Let me begin to answer that question by saying, look, all of us know as human beings that regardless of circumstance, whether people are rich, or poor, no matter the color of their skin, what their background is, that people commit crime. Crime happens,” said Castro.


While he did admit the man should have been punished for his crimes, he diverted to talking about illegal immigrants being detained while trying to cross the border.

“What I don’t believe is that we should be incarcerating these women and children who are fleeing desperate circumstances in those countries and simply are looking for a better life, and then we’re keeping them in cages like animals, and keeping these men in 100 degree heat, underneath a bridge, they’re fenced in like animals, like a dog pound basically. I believe that we’re better than that as Americans. And so, of course, we need to enforce those laws, whether it’s identity theft or it’s more serious crimes. I’ve said that very clearly.”

Castro received backlash from conservatives on Twitter, questioning his rhetoric when it came to immigration.

Read some reactions below:

As IJR Red has reported, many of the Democratic presidential candidates are supporting controversial policies, with some even calling for the abolition of federal agencies like ICE.

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As someone who’s lost children to criminal invaders all I can say is “Minefields and meshing machine guns at the border. Round up, forcibly and horribly mutilate all visa violators. I’ll do it for free if the government refuses, because I care that much. Deport the survivors.

Send the survivors back. Hopefully via (non-parachute) air drop.

Send a message.


One wonders what Castro would say were one of his family victimized by a criminal invader.

“Ooh, the poor victimizer was justified in victimizing others Because……” Stephen Sondheim satirized (and summarized) it best in “West Side Story” with “Gee Officer Krupke”.

Everybody can contrive an excuse. Am I the only one who sees the idiot, enabling, stupidity in this ideology? “Victims” (Bullshite) making more victims is NOT a formula for success, nor an excuse.


Here’s the MASSIVE flaw in Castro’s victimization ideology: TWO WRONGS STILL DON’T MAKE A RIGHT.


Yes, Julian, crime happens I’m sure you remember the Hatch Act.

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