Just Before Endorsing Hillary, Ellen Makes Mindblowing Statement About Double Standards

Regardless of whether you support Hillary, or not, most of us can agree that she’s had a bit of a rough ride of late, right?

Think about it:

  • The Donald going after Bill’s past transgressions
  • Bernie catching up with her in the polls
  • The “disturbing” email just released by the State Department
  • Reports that the FBI is investigating a possible public corruption laws violation while she served as Secretary of State

What’s an embattled presidential candidate to do? Stop by your favorite talk show and get a pep talk from one of your biggest fans, of course.

On Monday’s “Ellen,” Ellen commiserated with Hillary about how tough it is on a woman who runs for president, discussing what they feel is a different standard.

Hillary also launched into a diatribe on gun violence, and lauded President Obama’s recent executive orders.

However, according to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 52% of Americans are more concerned that the federal government will go too far in restricting gun rights – vs. 42% who fear it will not do enough to control access to guns.

Source: WSJ/NBC News Poll
Source: WSJ/NBC News Poll

Incidentally, the poll found that the number-one concern is national security and terrorism, followed by job creation and economic growth.

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