Just in Time for Christmas: ‘SNL’s’ Santa Explains Franken, Moore and Trump to the Kiddies

With the Christmas season upon us, what could be more fun for the kids than a visit with Santa Claus — on “Saturday Night Live”?

And so it was.

During “SNL’s” cold open this week, Santa, portrayed by cast member Kenan Thompson, asked several kids what they want for Christmas.

A young boy named a couple toys before asking: “What did Al Franken do?” Santa bumbled through an awkward answer, telling the boy Franken is on the “naughty list” this year.

The boy then asked about GOP senate candidate Roy Moore. Another asked if President Donald Trump is also on the “naughty list.”

Then came questions and comments from the kids about the NFL national anthem protests, the Republican tax plan, and on and on.

Best Line of the Skit

The best line of the skit came after Santa said to one little boy: “Maybe you’d like a toy for Christmas!” To which the boy smiled and replied:

“Oh, you mean like the toy Matt Lauer gave to his co-worker?”

Standing by to help Santa through the ordeal was trusty elf Amy, played by cast member Kate McKinnon.

Video of the skit is below.

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