Sole GOP Rep to Join Dems in Co-Sponsoring Bill to Block Trump’s National Emergency Defends His Move

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Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) distanced himself from his Republican colleagues, as he became the sole Republican to co-sponsor the Democratic-led resolution in an effort to block the president’s national emergency, and he’s explaining why.

The announcement came Thursday that Amash co-sponsored the House resolution to stop the national emergency declaration by President Donald Trump, joining about 226 House lawmakers, as IJR Red reported.

Explaining his decision on Saturday, the Republican representative called out fellow Republicans for their apparent double standard.

“The same congressional Republicans who joined me in blasting Pres. Obama’s executive overreach now cry out for a king to usurp legislative powers,” he tweeted. “If your faithfulness to the Constitution depends on which party controls the White House, then you are not faithful to it.”

Amash’s action to co-sponsor the resolution came shortly before the president made it clear he wouldn’t allow it to pass. Trump vowed “100 percent” to veto the resolution.

“I don’t think it survives a veto,” he told reporters Friday.

Watch the video below:

The president declared the national emergency after he received $1.375 billion in border security funding, far off from his proposed $5.7 billion, to construct a physical barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

However, top Democrats blasted his move as unconstitutional even after backing Obama-era national emergencies related to immigration, and the Democrat-controlled House is expected to vote on the resolution on Tuesday.

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Allen Zabel

Loosely translated:
“I was unsuccessful, in stopping Obama. But now, since I never wanted Trump as President? I’ll try my hand at winning this fight.”
Just another, establishment Republican. AKA Liberal gutter snipe.

Clarence Kavanaugh

What a moron! To compare securing our southern border against drug dealers, gangbanggers, and human traffickers to what Obama used the National Emergency for. How the hell does this idiot continue to get elected to office.

Rocky Drummond

“If your faithfulness to the Constitution depends on which party controls the White House, then you are not faithful to it.” Justin Amash

Hopefully a lot more Republicans remember how oaths to the Constitution are supposed to work.

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