Justin Amash Explains How AG Barr ‘Deliberately Misrepresented Key Aspects’ of Mueller Report

Justin Amash, William Barr
Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, Erin Scott/File Photo/Reuters

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) went on the offense over the results of the Mueller report again on Tuesday, this time taking swipes at Attorney General William Barr for “further[ing] the president’s false narrative” on the special counsel’s investigation.

Amash became the first Republican lawmaker to say that President Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses earlier this month. Since his initial statements, Amash has written multiple long Twitter threads explaining his positioning that sides more with Democratic lawmakers than his fellow Republican colleagues.

On Monday morning, the Michigan congressman published a 25-tweet-long thread targeting Barr’s summary of the Muller report that was initially released to the public days before the redacted report was.

“Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented key aspects of Mueller’s report and decisions in the investigation,” Amash began the thread, “which has helped further the president’s false narrative about the investigation.”

Amash went on to criticize the attorney general for picking and choosing which information to release to the public. In his letter, Barr only quotes part of the colluding page of the report.

“Barr’s letter doesn’t mention those issues when explaining why Mueller chose not to make a prosecutorial decision,” Amash wrote. “He instead selectively quotes Mueller in a way that makes it sound—falsely—as if Mueller’s decision stemmed from legal/factual issues specific to Trump’s actions.”

The Michigan congressman went on to say that the report laid out “considerable evidence” of possible obstruction of justice and made no official conclusion on the issue.

“As a result of Barr’s March 24 letter, the public and Congress were misled,” Amash stated.

Amash also accused the attorney general of “allow[ing] the confusion to fester” for weeks until the report was released and gave no more information.

The congressman ended his explainer by repeating a popular talking point with Democratic lawmakers that Barr’s actions were in defense of Trump instead of the best interest of the country.

“Barr has so far successfully used his position to sell the president’s false narrative to the American people,” he concluded. “This will continue if those who have read the report do not start pushing back on his misrepresentations and share the truth.”

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Phyllis Softa

A thank you, to Rep Amash from all the Americans who do NOT appreciate being lied to. Democrats have been saying this 1 hour after the release of the Mueller Report. AG Barr’s “summary” DOES NOT accurately reflect the Mueller’s report findings. ANYONE who read the report realized Barr intentionally lied to the American public. Rep Amash was deserving of the standing ovation he received from his constituents in his Grand Rapids townhall this afternoon.

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