‘I Hope to Meet You’: Marine Veteran-Turned-Actor Commends Waffle House Hero’s Bravery

Marine veteran and “Gotham” actor JW Cortés praised James Shaw Jr. for risking his own life to take down Travis Reinking, who is the suspected Waffle House shooter.

On Sunday morning, Reinking paused firing because of what appeared to be a gun jam or a need to reload.

Shaw capitalized on the opportunity and charged Reinking, ultimately wrestling the AR-15 away from him and forcing him out of the restaurant.


“James Shaw, you ran towards the danger, exposed yourself in a way that could have ended your life and in doing so saved the lives of everyone else that was there,” Cortés tweeted.

Shaw’s actions rightfully earned him the title of “hero,” and Cortés, in his “humble opinion,” concurred. He added that he hopes to meet the “true hero” one day.

Cortés, who served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, was hardly the only person to express his gratitude and awe for Shaw, who has rightfully received overwhelming praise.

Shaw, himself, rejects the label of “hero” and told “CBS This Morning”: “I don’t think I wanna be a hero. I think I just want to be James, and James used what he had to free himself.”

Four people lost their lives during the shooting, and Shaw started a GoFundMe fundraising page for the families of the victims. Police are still searching for Reinking, who has a warrant out for his arrest for the murders.

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