The Numbers So Far on Kaepernick’s Nike Deal Show He’s Not Close to ‘Sacrificing Everything’

In today’s culture, controversy pays big money.

According to analysts, Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad has already given the company $43 million in media exposure. This means that the quarterback could potentially make millions of dollars off of the deal.

However, the ad was extremely controversial due to the suggestion that the former quarterback was “sacrificing everything” because he started kneeling during the national anthem at football games.

The numbers do not quite add up to losing it all. Throughout his NFL career, Kaepernick allegedly made $39 million. While that is much less than his original $126 million contract, the decrease was due to performance and playing for only three years instead of seven.

Although Nike is facing criticism for the ad, they have had a deal with Kaepernick since 2011. Stabler Sports agency founder, Alexa Stabler, claims that although the NFL may disagree, Nike seems to be banking on the deal.

“I guess the argument (from the NFL) is that he’s bad for business,” says Stabler. “But Nike seems to disagree if they’re going to bill this as a top of the line deal — and presumably that means a lot of money.”

Losing everything does not mean slight hardship or going without a job, and Kaepernick has been able to continue to make a living even after the kneeling controversy.

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