Harris Immediately Backtracks on Felons Voting in Prison After Sanders Takes Heat for Idea

Kamala Harris
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Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) seemed to backtrack on her openness to letting felons vote in prison after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) faced backlash for supporting the idea.

When asked by reporters on Tuesday about her comments during Monday’s town hall with CNN, Harris had a different approach to the question, saying she’s “going think about it and I’m going to talk to experts and I’m going to make a decision and I will let you know.”

She instead focused on felons who have already been released from prison and are still prohibited from voting.

“We right now have got a lot of work to do with the people in our country who have served their time and have been prohibited from voting,” said Harris.

As IJR Red previously reported, Harris claimed that she supported having a “conversation” about allowing felons to vote during Monday’s town hall. Her answer came after Sanders admitted he’d support restoring voting rights to all prisoners, including “terrible people” like the Boston Marathon Bomber.

See what she said at the time:

However, Harris is now shifting her focus from felons currently in prison to those released.

“Currently in our country there are 6 million people who have served their time and are still prohibited from voting, and that has been an area of focus for me for quite some time, and we’ve got to address that and address that immediately, and so that is one of my first areas of focus and concern.”

She also clarified, saying that she believes in consequences for those who have committed serious crimes.

“Do I think that people who commit murder, people who are terrorists, should be deprived of their rights? Yeah, I do,” Harris said. “I’m a prosecutor, I believe that in terms of, there has to be serious consequence for the most extreme types of crimes.”

See what she’s saying now:

The presidential candidate’s backtrack comes after Sanders faced backlash for voicing his support for the policy idea, even from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as IJR Red noted.

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There are three States – Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia – which have permanently disenfranchised felons from voting. Many other States permit felons to vote after serving their time.

Why would anyone who violated our Laws be given the right to vote? EX: Nikolas Cruz who murdered 14 students and 3 adults in the MSD High School in Parkland, FL who WAS given an opportunity to register and to vote from his jail cell using the jail’s address as his HOME address?


Ladies and Gentlemen for your viewing and entertainment pleasure Kamala Harris doing the “Political Shuffle” 2020 style.

Way to update that “Hollywood Shuffle” Senator Harris.

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