Kamala Harris: Fighting Trump SCOTUS Nominee ‘One of My Highest Priorities’

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she’s prepared to make the summer showdown in the Senate over President Donald Trump’s looming Supreme Court Justice nominee her main focus due to the severe “implications of this vote.”

The California Democrat made headlines Wednesday when issued a firey challenge to the president regarding his future high court pick: “We’re looking at the destruction of the Constitution of the United States,” she told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, adding that her Democratic colleagues in the Senate are “prepared to play hardball.”

When asked by IJR on Thursday how she plans to enact “hardball” practices that would block a potential Trump nominee, Harris said: “It means I’m going to make this one of the highest priorities that I have.”

“It’s going to be about talking with the American public about the importance of the court and the role that each member of the court plays and how that can actually influence the decisions that will come out and have a lasting impact,” she added. 

Harris, who’s been long-rumored for a 2020 presidential run, made it clear Wednesday that Democrats need to play the same type of hardline political strategy that led to former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick being blocked by Republicans only to be given to President Trump. 

“We cannot relent, we’re going to have to fight to the end to make sure that we can do anything and everything that is possible to require this president to choose a consensus pick. Talk to Democrats,” she said. “Anything less than a consensus pick is something we should fight tooth-and-nail against.”

The senator’s comments have sparked outrage from conservatives, but when asked about Republicans’ response, Harris told IJR: “I’m not aware of the pushback.”

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