Kamala Harris Slams Trump for Tax Reforms, But She Might Just Not Understand How Tax Refunds Work

Kamala Harris

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) called out President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans for passing tax reforms in 2017 because Americans received smaller tax refunds this year than in the past. However, many noted that doesn’t mean Americans lost money.

Tax refunds became a major story after several outlets reported that the average tax refund for Americans had dropped by around $170. Harris jumped on the story as an example of how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, championed by Republicans, was a disaster for middle-class Americans.

Harris wasn’t alone in her criticisms of the Republican tax plan. Several other Democrats and left-leaning activists jumped on the bandwagon to slam Trump for supporting the legislation:

While Harris’ summary of the reduced tax refund may have gotten a lot of buzz for her 2020 presidential bid, it doesn’t correctly reflect how middle-class Americans were impacted by the tax refund.

In reality, the vast majority of Americans received a tax cut, which was reflected in their paychecks throughout 2018. They paid less money to the IRS.

A tax return isn’t the government giving people money. It is the government returning the excess money they took from Americans, like a zero-interest loan to the IRS from the people. The reports that Harris referenced actually mean that Americans kept more of their money instead of having the government hold onto it.

Several people took to Twitter to point this out to those on the left who were condemning the tax reforms despite the tax savings for most Americans:

Republicans attribute the tax reforms and reduction in regulation as part of the reason why the economy broke several records in the past year. Consumer confidence, gross domestic product, and wages have all seen growth while unemployment plummeted.

The tax cuts are one of the largest accomplishments for Trump’s first two years in office, and they will likely be one of the main focuses for Republicans in 2020, including the president’s re-election bid.


  1. I received a smaller refund, BUT, my total tax was $1826 less. This just shows you how people don’t pay attention.

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