Kanye’s ‘Break From Politics’ Includes $200,000 Donation To Far-Left Chicago Mayoral Candidate

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Rapper Kanye West, well-known for supporting President Donald Trump, has now donated $200,000 to a far-left Chicago mayoral candidate after claiming he was “taking a break” from politics.

West recently tweeted out that he felt used by conservatives and was stepping away to focus on his creative projects.

However, the Chicago Sun Tribune reported on Wednesday that West had given an additional donation of $126,460 to far-left candidate Amara Enyia. This donation, added with the $73,540 already donated to her campaign, shows that West may be reconsidering stepping away from the political world.

When asked about the donation, campaign spokeswoman Kristi Kucera said that they were happy for his support.

“Kanye has an interest in investing in Chicago, his hometown, and is welcome to act on those interests at any time,” said Kucera to the Chicago Sun Tribune. “We think it is valuable that he is able to focus his efforts on his creative work and on supporting the platform that he believes will help move our city in the right direction.”


Enyia was also questioned on whether she supports West’s political views. She responded with examples of policies both she and West support.

“He’s talked about stop-and-frisk. He’s talked about criminal justice reform. He talked about extending mental health services in communities. He has talked about the need to invest economically in communities. He has talked about bringing some of his companies back to Chicago to create jobs.”

The candidate’s other positions, such as creating a nationalized bank and cutting a percentage of funding for the Chicago police department, are examples of extreme liberal policies that Enyia is campaigning for.

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