Kanye West Says He Was ‘Bullied’ Backstage After He Appeared on SNL With a MAGA Hat

Kanye West decided to sport his “Make America Great Again” hat during his performance on Saturday Night Live and not everyone was excited about that. West teased his “MAGA” hat appearance in the trailer for the episode.

The rapper made waves when he first tweeted his support for President Donald Trump and his MAGA hat decision on SNL was no different. According to West, members of the SNL team and audience “bullied” him for wearing the hat and supporting President Trump. West reportedly went off in a speech, but SNL producers didn’t air West’s comments during the show.


“They bullied me backstage. They said, ‘don’t go out there with that hat on. They bullied me backstage. They bullied me! And then they say I’m in a sunken place. You want to see the sunken place? Okay, I’ma listen to ya’ll now — or I’ma put my Superman cape on, cuz this means you can’t tell me what to do. Follow your heart and stop following your mind. That’s how we’re controlled. That’s how we’re programmed. If you want the world to move forward, try love.”

Beyond the alleged bullying, West took a moment to target the show’s reputation for liberal bias and its repeated attacks on President Trump.

“Thank ya’ll for giving me this platform. I know some of ya’ll don’t agree, but ya’ll be going at that man and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful. I think the universe has balance. Ninety percent of news are liberal. Ninty percent of TV, L.A., New York, writers, rappers, musicians. So it’s easy to make it seem like it’s so one-sided.”

Despite the speech being cut from the show, many, including comedian Chris Rock, were able to capture some of it and post it on social media.


His speech covered everything from the welfare state to allegations of President Trump’s racism, to which West stated:

“There’s so many times I talk to, like, a white person about this and they say, ‘How could you like Trump? He’s racist.’ Well, uh, if I was concerned about racism I would’ve moved out of America a long time ago.”

President Trump chimed in on the hat controversy, bashing the show and tweeting:

Despite the controversy, West seemed to enjoy his time on the show and reported that he may be hosting the show sometime during the season.

If the rapper does get slated to host an episode, his political revelations will undoubtedly take center stage.

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