Kasich Stifled 2020 Challenge Rumors When He Landed Media Gig — Now He’s Stoking Speculation Again

2016 presidential candidate and former Ohio governor John Kasich (R) spoke out about the possibility of running for the Republican nomination again in 2020 during a Wednesday interview on CNN, despite landing a job with the network earlier this year.

As IJR Red previously reported, Kasich was believed to have put 2020 speculation to rest by accepting a new position at CNN as a senior political commentator back in January. However, now he’s saying, “All of my options remain on the table.”

“I don’t wake up every day looking at polls or thinking about me and my political future. I just want to be a good voice,” Kasich said Wednesday, claiming that he was worried about income inequality and health care.

Kasich, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, said he wanted to encourage Americans to avoid focusing on the well-known politicians in favor of working to help their communities.

“I’ll tell you what my voice is,” Kasich said. “It’s to tell people, ‘Stop fixating so much on the big shots and start paying attention to what you can do to change the world where you live.'”

Watch the video below:

When asked if he believed any Republican contender could win over Trump, Kasich claimed that anything could happen.

“If he’s got 89% approval, why would you think there’s a credible chance right now?” Kasich asked. “One thing we know about this time and about politics, in general, is what’s true today is not necessarily true tomorrow.”

However, one key issue that Kasich said he was more focused was reading the Mueller report and finally putting all speculation about the Russia investigation to rest.

While Kasich does not seem to be too concerned with the 2020 election, Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld told Fox News on Tuesday that he has encouraged Kasich and others to run despite Trump’s high approval rating within his own party.

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Phyllis Softa

The “stifling” was amusing being Rick Santorum worked for CNN right until he announced his 2016 bid. If Kasich was actually wanting to stifle the rumors of a 2020 bid, he would have returned to Wall Street.


Sell-out. RINO. Tease.

It’s almost a sure bet you won’t even get as far as you did in 2016. “Failure to launch” should be your campaign slogan, though you may have to fight Beta for it.





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