Kathy Griffin Builds a Wall — to Protect Herself from Her Trump Supporter Neighbor

Controversial comedienne, Kathy Griffin, doesn’t believe in a border wall, except when it surrounds her house. 

Griffin gained notoriety last year when a photo of her was released holding an effigy of President Donald Trump’s severed head. She has since apologized and then taken back her apology. 

Although she has been very outspoken about her dislike of Trump, she followed his lead when it came to avoiding an annoying neighbor. During a video with YouTuber, Shane Dawson, Griffin explained why she decided to build a wall in her backyard.

“I have a neighbor on this side and for some reason, ever since my Trump picture, he stands there and screams ‘Hey you f*****g d**e, you f*****g c**t,'” she said.

Griffin then made a joke about a wall that she had built to block the neighbor from view.

“We kind of built, like a little … as Trump would say, we built a wall,” said Griffin. “I’m not a Trump supporter, but we built a wall.”

The neighbor’s name was not mentioned, but Griffin has been in a legal battle with neighbor, Jeffrey Mezger, since last year.

When asked about the infamous picture, the comedienne said even friends turned on her.


“That moment was very public,” said Griffin. “The whole country turned on me, and I mean left, right and center. So I had friends, people I had known for a long time, tweeting ‘go away, you’re horrible, you’re disgusting.'”

However, Griffin has come back to spotlight, even selling out a show at Carnegie Hall earlier in the year.

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