Rep. Katie Hill Slams Donald Trump: ‘He Does Not Care About the Law’

Katie Hill morning Joe
Katie Hill morning Joe

Freshman Congresswoman Katie Hill is one of the most powerful freshman members of Congress because of her role as vice chair on the Committee on Oversight and Reform. That committee, led by Rep. Elijah Cummings, has been increasingly eager to hold Trump’s feet to the fire.

Hill has frequently been critical of Trump and on Monday morning she talked about the latest move that her Committee is doing to put pressure on Trump: calling in White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Conway is accused of routinely violating the Hatch Act, which is supposed to keep government officials from diving into political waters. But Conway regularly swims in those waters, routinely taking jabs at Trump’s foes during television interviews. Recently, a government agency recommended that Trump fire Conway — he said that he wouldn’t.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Hill said that she’s doubtful that Conway will show up to the hearing, adding, “It’s action after action by the Trump administration and all of the people that he surrounds himself that shows that he does not care about the law, he does not care about presidential norms and he believes that he’s above the law.”

She added later that Democrats should be just as concerned about defeating Republicans in the Senate as they are about defeating Trump in the White House. She said, “It doesn’t matter if we get Trump out of the White House if we continue to have a Senate that is going to stop us from making progress.”

Here’s that clip:

Hill isn’t one of the many freshman Democrats that have taken up the media attention of others, like Reps. Ilhan Omar or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But she’s proved to be a powerful presence on Capitol Hill. Before the House passed the Equality Act, Hill gave a stirring speech, accusing Republicans of being on the wrong side of history.

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What have they done so far ? Hard for the Senate to stop something that has not been done …they run their mouths but they are doing absolutely NOTHING to benefit the people that elected them , wasting all their time on trying to impeach Trump …get over it he IS the President either get to work or go the hell home !





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