Kellyanne Conway Accidentally Confirms Trump-Russia Grand Jury

Donald Trump is clearly reeling from the news that special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a Washington D.C., grand jury in the Trump-Russia probe, railing against the investigation at a rally hours after the news broke.

Trump White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway tried to bolster Trump’s narrative Friday morning, but instead wound up inadvertently confirming her own knowledge of the existence of the grand jury.

Conway began by praising Trump for raising the specter of a country in revolt if the investigations don’t go his way, telling the “Fox & Friends” Curvy Couch that this was her favorite part of the speech, and confirming that Trump was specifically talking about Mueller and his investigation:

“That was one of my favorite lines of the night or passages of the night, where basically the president is telling the people of West Virginia, and by extension the country, that the media, the investigators, the Democratic Party, they’re not just denying the election results for Donald Trump. They are denying the American people who put him here. And they are trying to cheat them out of their rightful presidency.”

But later in the interview, Conway was asked about the leak behind the grand jury news, and despite protestations that the Russia story is “fake,” offered only a pair of very real sources for the leak:

Remember, grand jury investigations are meant to remain secret. So someone leaked it. Could be anybody that’s on the grand jury. Could be one of the lawyers. Could be anyone, I suppose.

Noticeably missing from that response was any possibility the leak was fake, and noticeably present was Conway’s presentation of the grand jury as a fact.

Panic is setting in in Trumpworld, as Congress has finally begun to show signs of a willingness to do its job. This is a good time to pay close attention to what Trump and his minions say. Fear can be a hell of a truth serum.

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