Conway Slams ‘Disgusting’ Antifa Protesters for Calling African-American Officer an ‘Uncle Tom’

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway slammed Antifa as “disgusting” after a video posted to Twitter showed protesters in Portland, Oregon calling an African-American law enforcement officer policing the event an “Uncle Tom.”

Over the weekend, Antifa protesters took to the streets of the City of Roses, donning their black clothes and face masks. The protests saw the antifascist group clash with the neofascist group the Proud Boys, and confrontations with the Portland police.

One police confrontation was reported by The Post Millennial, where a group of protesters started slinging insults at an African-American police officer on duty, calling him an “Uncle Tom” and a “race traitor.”

Conway — who has served in the Trump administration since 2017 — blasted the verbal attack on the police officer as “disgusting” in a tweet posted on Sunday.

Conway touched on the tweet during a Monday appearance on “Fox & Friends,” as well, saying that the Antifa protesters were “completely harassing” law enforcement officials and directed people to “go look at the tape” on Twitter.

“They are completely harassing our brave men and women in the blue,” said Conway. “One of them was hurling racial insults at an African-American police officer. I’m not even going to repeat what they said, but everyone should go look at the tape.”

Watch the video here:

Others on Twitter were not thrilled with the video either, as one user said the “logic” used by Antifa was “dangerous and unproductive.”

Check out the reactions below:

Another video of the protests saw a protester with Antifa — which supposedly stands against racism — call a different African-American police officer a “coon.”

Others had thoughts on Antifa, as well:

As IJR Red previously reported, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) pointed out the differences between the Antifa protesters in Portland and the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, calling the protest in the Rose City “a sad showing of where we are today.”

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Tell me again why anything the Left says ISN’T a lie or hypocrisy. Look at what they support:

Antifa is racist and violent.
Palestinians have outlawed and persecute LGBTQ persons.
They love their grandmothers until they don’t.
The Party of Science™ believes that wishing can make things true.
Their 2020 frontrunner gropes underage girls (where’s #METOO?).
Now that their Russian delusion has met reality, they are going all in on the “racist” lie.

The list goes on.





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