Kellyanne Conway Casts Doubt on Mueller Report Details About Trump Calling Probe ‘End’ of His Presidency

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway went after the Democrats on Saturday for “wast[ing] so much time” focusing on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report and blasted the part of the report itself that alleged President Donald Trump said he was “f***ed” when Mueller was appointed.

During an interview on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Conway — the long-serving counselor to the president — torched the Democrats for their obsession over the Mueller report, saying they “wasted so much time thinking this was the way to get [Trump] out of office.”

“You’ve got no lesser souls than Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and some in the Democrat presidential field saying, ‘Oh no, we’re not talking about impeachment. We’re not having that conversation right now.'”

“They know that there is not a public appetite for more of this,” Conway added.

Conway continued on to say that there may be a “public appetite” for delving into the origins of the Mueller probe, calling for an investigation into “the investigators.”

Watch the video here:

The counselor to the president then switched her aim to the Mueller report itself, firing off at the infamous “I’m f***ed” comment the president allegedly made, as IJR Blue reported, and proclaiming “that’s not the way [the president] speaks.”

“I have never heard him one time say, ‘This is the end of my candidacy. This is the end of my presidency.’ I have never heard him utter those words, and we’ve been in some pretty impossible tough situations together.”

She added that the “tough situations” that they faced “would have broken another man or woman, perhaps” and that the president has given the country “the best economy that some of us have ever seen” in the face of “this ridiculous, unfair cloud.”

Some Democrats have meanwhile ramped up their impeachment calls against the president, threatening to further drive the divide between them and the Democratic leadership who have cautioned against the idea.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), for example, announced on Thursday that she would be signing onto the impeachment articles introduced by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), as IJR Blue pointed out.


  1. The whining do nothing Democrats are so afraid that President Trump will upset their money grabbing. Many are now millionaires on incomes of less than $200K. How does THAT happen. Truth be told in another life these do nothings would be crawling all over him for attention. How dare a non politician turn this country around in 2 years! The deplorables are still alive and doing quite well and we’re ready.

  2. Oh, well if AOC is signing on…lol! That tells me all I need to know. Waste more money, waste more time. The American people should be even more tired (if possible) of your lack of governing. You better act quick Dems, hating President Trump isn’t going to win you the election.

    Now they don’t like his report? They expected him to deliver them Trump for IMPEACHMENT! The DEMS have gone STARK-RAVING-MAD! UNHINGED, DERANGED! BECAUSE HILLARY LOST! It was a SECURE WIN FOR HER! They were already celebrating her victory! and BAM: Trump is declared the President! Investigation is about ”HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY HAPPEN” Trump had to collude with them!

    Mueller’s probe led to the revelatio

  4. Tries at impeachment is now on the Socialists/Communists agenda since they are mentally incapable of providing any productive legislation for the American people. That bunch of Leftist do-nothings are wasting even more (now after the Mueller witch hunt) taxpayer money by collecting a paycheck they don’t deserve.

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