Kellyanne Conway Calls Out ‘Professional Political Hacks,’ Asks Media to Give Trump ‘A Chance’

On Fox News’s “Hannity,” President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway discussed the hostile environment between the media and the Trump White House.

In an effort to be transparent to viewers, host Sean Hannity laid out his stance as a “passionate conservative,” who supported Donald Trump.

Then, he provided recent examples of “irresponsible and reckless reporting”:

  • Russia report
  • Unverified dossier
  • Alleged Russian hotel footage
  • Report that the MLK bust was removed from Oval Office

With multiple fake news stories released, Hannity wondered if Trump would choose to bypass the media entirely.

Conway admitted to having good relations with the press, but with Trump’s 45 million social media followers she maintained they would have “joint custody” of the nation.

She pointed specifically to the lack of coverage of the MLK bust story as a “significant” example of why his social media is so important. The adviser described what happened that day:

“We invited the press into the Oval Office, I was there. It was to witness the president signing these executive orders. Immediately the print pooler sent out the pool report that the MLK bust had been removed. It is false… He has not apologized to the president and the damage is done.”

Conway questioned why the reporter didn’t ask anyone where the bust was, and blamed his “presumptive negativity” for the entire fiasco.

While Conway hardly classifies the difference in treatment between President Trump and his predecessor as “breaking news,” she had one request of his critics:

“It would be nice to see people show respect for the office of the president and its current occupant. And, give him a chance to do right by the American people.”

She commended the president for his unifying Inaugural address and explained that if reporters wanted to mock it, they had a choice to make. Conway told Hannity:

“If they snark, if they roll their eyes, if their Twitter feed is filled with a 92% anti-Trump tweets — they’re not being reporters. They’re being opinion columnists, they’re being professional political hacks and pundits.”

As someone who has known Chuck Todd for over 20 years, she reminded the “Meet The Press” host, who called the speech “insulting,” that it isn’t his job to “give us his opinion.”

President Trump isn’t the only person in his administration taking hits from the media. During the interview, Conway admitted to needing a Secret Service detail because of packages filled with “white substances” being delivered to her house.

Since major news networks use a “clip and a headline,” to report on the current administration, it looks like the next four years will be full of “co-parenting” between Trump’s Twitter and the mainstream media.

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