Kellyanne Conway Can’t Get Booked on Real Sunday Shows Anymore, And Here’s Why

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway was once a reliably awful presence on the major Sunday morning political talk shows, flacking for President Donald Trump, inventing “alternative facts,” and openly threatening journalists.

But her appearances have recently been restricted mostly to ostensibly “friendly” outlets, and Conway has not appeared on a major Sunday show since early August.

That means that on Sunday morning, Conway was relegated to “Fox & Friends'” weekend edition, where she ably demonstrated the incoherence that is likely at the core of her banishment from the mainstream shows.

Asked to defend Trump’s bizarre tweet about North Korea, Conway went on a long, wandering walk through the dusty rooms of the Trump stump speech that even visibly tested the patience of co-host Pete Hegseth, before wandering back to an even worse conclusion:

“I think there he’s just calling upon South Korea to continue to work with the United States against, and militarize, a nuclear capable North Korea.”

So after all of that unrelated word salad, the best message Conway could come up with is that Trump was scolding our ally?

The bar for Sunday show flackery is pretty low, but they do expect your bullsh*t to at least have a modicum of internal coherence. At this rate, Conway will be lucky to get booked on Trump’s Facebook videos.

Watch the full interview below, via Fox News.

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