Kellyanne Conway Blasts ‘Medicare for All’: ‘This Is the Health Care Version of the Green New Deal’

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As Democrats continue to fall in line and announce their support for “Medicare for All,” counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway blasted the policy, comparing it to the widely mocked Green New Deal.

Several prominent 2020 Democratic presidential primary contenders have announced their support for Medicare for All or similar socialized health care systems for the United States, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) being the policy’s champion.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning, Conway expressed her concern with a “government takeover” of health care, explaining that she believes it will limit choices for Americans.

Conway started by calling out the Democrats for their last plan for health care. She noted that she sees Medicare for All as a rebuke of the Affordable Care Act — commonly known as Obamacare — because no Democrats are running on revamping that policy.

Watch the video below:

“Even the Democrats aren’t running on Obamacare. As we put together our health care plan here at the White House, I can tell you that if people want to keep their Obamacare, they should keep their Obamacare. Let’s see how many do when they actually have a choice of something better. 4.3 million Americans immediately lost their health insurance when Obamacare took hold in 2013. They were lied to that they can keep their plan, they can keep their doctor.”

Conway claimed Medicare for All could result in “choices for none.” She expressed concern that the system could have the same restrictive impacts that the Affordable Care Act had when it came to choice for policy and physician.

“Under Medicare for All, there’d be choices for none, and it really hurts the 60 million American seniors and disabled who rely on that for the financial stability and the health care benefits. Also, this is a government takeover. […] I gave birth four times. I didn’t want Uncle Sam and big brother in there with me. I mean, wake up, everybody. This is the health care version of the Green New Deal. Sounds great. They all want it. Yippee. The feel-good phrasiology. The underlying ideology: The government is coming to take over one of the most intimate parts of your life.”

While very few Democrats have put together a plan for health care — or much at all, as IJR previously reported — most remain open to Medicare for All.

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1. the multi-part program called Medicare is NOT free. The first parts are (A, B). The rest not so much.
2. try finding a healthcare provider/practitioner who’ll willingly accept it. Many refuse not only due to the discounted payments they receive, but also the delays and massive paperwork (even paying “coders” to do so).

3. isn’t it odd, that Congressional members who enjoy a “Cadillac” plan at taxpayer expense are pushing this YET will never participate in it? Hypocrites.





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