Kellyanne Conway Rips Democrats Over Immigration Crisis: ‘Mexico Is Doing More’ to Secure the Border

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White House adviser Kellyanne Conway slammed Democrats for doing less than Mexico to address the immigration crisis during a Monday interview with “Fox & Friends.”

President Donald Trump came to an agreement with the Mexican government on Friday and put an end to threats of tariffs. Conway claimed that this deal was a step in the right direction to address the flow of illegal crossings at the border:

“They really hammered out a great agreement with Mexico, and there are new features to this because look at the last week in May. We had apprehensions of 5,800 people — or crossings of 5,800 people in one day at the border. If that happened every single day, you’d be close to 2 million illegals coming this way just this year alone.”

Watch the video below:

She pointed out that the deal is extremely important for both countries and that the Mexican government seemed more willing to work with Trump than Democratic lawmakers.

“So Mexico took the president’s tariff threat very seriously, and they’re starting to take enforcement at their southern border seriously,” Conway said. “This is important to both countries, and we now have Mexico doing more than the Democrats who work behind me on Capitol Hill on securing our southern border.”

Conway brought up the suggestion that immigrants can stay in Mexico while their asylum claims are being processed, saying that is one way to help fix the system:

“That is very enticing to many people who say that, ‘Well, if you’re leaving your home countries because you’re claiming asylum, you’re making a fear claim, then stay in Mexico where Mexico has agreed in the past to provide safe passage and economic opportunity and to meet the needs of the individuals who are there waiting for their asylum claims to be processed, so why not just stay there?'”

Citing past issues with immigration, the adviser ended her comments by saying that the Mexican response has been more urgent than in past negotiations.

“There’s something very different in the way Mexicans have responded to this latest negotiation and agreement that feels and looks differently than in the past,” Conway said.

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