From Racism to Abortion, Kellyanne Conway Explains Why ‘Bigmouth’ Dems Are Having a ‘Horrible 6 Weeks’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway absolutely flattened Democrats by doing a quick recap of their last six weeks.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Conway spoke about the stalled negotiations between Democrats and Republicans over border wall funding. The presidential counselor claimed that “bigmouth Democrats” who want to defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are just the beginning of the problems for Democrats.

Conway had a grab bag of Democratic disasters to pull from, including a botched rollout of the Green New Deal, “anti-Semitic” tweets from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), and racism and sexual assault allegations in Virginia.

Watch the video below:

“I think the Democrats have had a horrible six weeks in 2019. They’re the ones at the table now that can’t get [border security funding] done. They’re the ones hurtling us towards a shutdown. They’ve got the top Democrat in Virginia [Gov. Ralph Northam] is an accused racist. The second Democrat [Justin Fairfax], the lieutenant governor in Virginia’s an accused rapist — a difference of a letter. They’ve got this congresswoman [Omar] from Minnesota, again, having anti-Semitic sewage spilling from her mouth overnight. And then you’ve got people running for president on the Green New Deal, 70 percent taxes, socialized medicine. They want to do away with cows, they want to do away with gas, they want to do away with cow gas. And air travel.”

Conway also pointed to the Democrats’ behavior at the State of the Union address as another example of their “terrible six weeks.”

“They’re sitting on their hands while the president is speaking against abortion in the eighth or ninth month, trying to stop human trafficking and sex trafficking,” Conway said. “I mean, this has been a really terrible six weeks, and we need a fully functioning Washington where both parties are focused on 2019, and not 2020.”

Conway also noted that President Donald Trump tweeted about how awful the past few weeks have been for the Democrats. He tweeted that he believes they could force a shutdown just to change the news cycle away from the debacle in Virginia.

“America already thinks Congress doesn’t do its job very effectively. Look at their overall approval ratings, and this [stalled negotiation] won’t help them,” Conway said, adding, “I hope they will come to an agreement.”