Kellyanne Conway Rips Comey’s Op-Ed on Trump’s ‘Dumb Lies’ to Shreds: ‘Who Cares What He Thinks?’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway mocked former FBI Director James Comey‘s recent op-ed during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday.

In the Washington Post article, Comey went after President Donald Trump, calling him a liar and defending the FBI’s investigation into his 2016 campaign while adding that “there was no corruption” on the bureau’s part. During the interview on Wednesday, Conway criticized Comey and the op-ed.

“Methinks he doth protest too much,” Conway said. “There sounds like there’s panic in the world of Jim Comey.”

She pointed out that the Trump campaign had repeatedly said there was no collusion, which the Mueller report supported.

“Who cares what he thinks?” Conway said. “No collusion. I stood here many times and said that as the campaign manager, no collusion, and yet we’re supposed to read Jim Comey in a friendly, favorable news outlet saying no corruption, so let’s find out.”

Citing Comey’s claims that the investigation was conducted by people trying to find the truth, Conway pointed out his past history of leaking as a way of discrediting his argument.

“I really resent him saying ‘just good people trying to get to the truth,'” Conway said. “We already know that Andy McCabe, his number two, lied. We already know that Jim Comey is a liar and a leaker. We already know that they wrote books basically on the fiction list.”

Watch the video below:

The White House adviser also went after former intelligence officials, turning the “liar” accusation back onto Comey and suggesting that an investigation into their actions should happen.

“We have so many inconsistencies and flat-out lies from these known leakers who have lied under oath to Congress and elsewhere that it is worth investigating,” Conway said. “I would ask them, what are you so afraid of?”

Since being fired by Trump, Comey has been a constant critic of the president. However, the Mueller report found that the Trump campaign did not collude with the Russian government.

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Greg Miller
Greg Miller

Who cares about the thoughts of the first female campaign manager to lead her candidate to victory in a presidential campaign? Obviously not sexist misogynists fighting a war on (conservative) women… typical liberal anti-feminist!


Who does care what corrupt Comey thinks?
For that matter, who cares what Kellyanne’s husband thinks?

Mike Tierney

Who cares what she thinks? Talk about a fiction generator. How sad.





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