Kellyanne Conway Lies Through Teeth About Trump Tower Russia

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Trump White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway has become a reliable source of “alternative facts,” but she never stops trying to outdo her own benchmarks for lies, deflection, and spin. Those skills were put to the test when Fox News anchor Bret Baier decided to commit some journalism in the middle of a recent Hurricane Harvey promo spot.

After several softballs about the Hurricane Harvey response, Baier confronted Conway with clips of all the times Trump claimed to have no dealings with Russia, including one that was from weeks after Trump signed a letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Conway stumbled from pointing out that the tower hasn’t been built (yet), to a lengthy digression about Michael Cohen, to then just flat-out lying about Trump’s last known trip to Moscow:

Well, nothing came of that, there is no Trump Tower in Moscow, no visit was made, if you’ll recall that Michael Cohen was really besmirched by many earlier this year because they had the wrong Michael Cohen. […]

Nothing came of this. No deal was made. No visit was made, and when the president says he doesn’t deal in Russia, what he has said again and again — and those of us who speak on his behalf have reiterated, Bret — is that he was there for the Miss Universe pageant, happened to go to Russia eight or nine years ago now, he has no business dealings there, and in this case, no do was made, and for all the Trump Towers that have been erected around the world, Moscow is not a place that has one.

That’s funny because we have a video of Trump in Moscow in 2013 announcing plans for the Trump Tower Moscow. That was four years ago, not “eight or nine.”

Luckily for Conway, Baier didn’t seem to know that 2013 is not, in fact, 2008. Unfortunately, he still wasn’t satisfied with Conway’s answer and gave her another swing at it. Conway responded with her “Attack Hillary Clinton” subroutine, but the best part was Baier’s delicate euphemism for “lie”:

BAIER: Sure, but obviously the deal was being talked about. They were looking to push forward in February 2016, or January 2016. You would think that “no, nothing at all” might not be the accurate statement about that…

Still undaunted, Baier went back at Conway a third time, at which point Conway reached deep into her catalogue for a Debbie Wasserman Schultz smear:

Better be careful, Bret, don’t you know there are “consequences” for this sort of thing?

When Conway isn’t benched anymore these days, she’s restricted to “friendly” outlets like Fox News or CBN, but if she ever gets on normal TV again, it will be something to see.

Watch Conway’s full interview below, via Fox News.

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