Kellyanne Conway Mysteriously Disappears During Trump’s White Supremacy Week

Screenshot/Fox News

Whither Kellyanne Conway?

As Steve Bannon packs up his whiteboards and goes home, White House reporters are tweeting conflicting reports on her future. But as ShareBlue noted even before Bannon was fired on Friday, she has been missing in action during one of the more tumultuous weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency — sit with that one for a minute — when the administration could have really used her facility with her patented “alternative facts” to try and spin the media.

Conway was last seen 10 days ago. Trump had just threatened to rain fire and destruction down on North Korea. and a rattled-looking Conway stood in front of a microphone and told the press that the president’s comments spoke for themselves. Not exactly the usual vigorous defenses we’ve come to expect.

Now, this week when Trump was busy falling all over himself to not condemn white supremacists, then condemn them, and then un-condemn them, it’s interesting that Conway has not been out there defending him, considering some of the other hideousness she has defended in the past:

  • Confronted about the Trump administration cutting funding for opioid treatment, she said that fighting the crisis didn’t need so much money as it needed “will.”
  • She praised Trump for deigning to leave his golf club for four hours to make a speech at the Kennedy Center.
  • She defended Trump’s misogynistic attack on a morning cable-news host.
  • She suggested it should be “easy” for Congress to pass Trumpcare, a bill that would have taken health coverage away from an estimated 32 million people.
  • She suggested that Trump’s lies about Trump Tower being “wiretapped” by the Obama administration were not actually lies because the president believes them to be true.
  • She defended former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci for complaining that publicly available information was actually a leak.
  • She has come up with absurd defenses to dismiss the investigation of possible Russia collusion by the Trump campaign again and again and again.

And that was all just over the summer! Imagine if I went even further back, to the days of the Bowling Green Massacre.

Now, it’s possible Conway is on vacation this week. It’s possible she knew the Bannon firing was coming and decided to keep her head down and not draw any attention to herself. But it is odd that with her history of defending the ridiculous and indefensible positions of this administration, she may have decided that the president’s comments on Charlottesville, Virginia, were a bridge too far.

What do you think?

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