Kellyanne Conway Puts Pelosi on Blast for Vacationing While POTUS Tries to Make a Deal During Shutdown

President Donald Trump’s White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took a shot at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday, calling out the top Democrat for going on a lavish Hawaiian vacation while the president remains in Washington, D.C. in hopes to work out a deal to end the partial government shutdown.

After President Trump canceled his Christmas plans over the shutdown, his acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced he would be canceling his New Year’s trip to Mar-a-Lago as well. Meanwhile, Pelosi was spotted soaking up the sun at a luxurious resort after she and other Congressional Democrats left town.

Joining “Fox News Sunday,” Conway tore into Pelosi and other Democrats unwilling to budge on the president’s call to fund the building of a wall along our southern border:

“Nancy Pelosi needs to come back from Hawaii. Less hula, more moola for the [the Department of Homeland Security] and Customs and Border Patrol, funding our border security. They need to come to the table and do their job. A fully functioning democracy demands that both parties come together and that the Congress and the executive branch work together.”

Watch her remarks below:

The stark contrast in Trump and Pelosi’s shutdown plans came to light on Friday when the Free Beacon reported on Pelosi’s expensive vacation on Hawaii’s Big Island at the Fairmont Orchid resort, where rooms range from $899-a-night to $4,899-a-night.

The president, on the other hand, has remained in our nation’s capital throughout the shutdown. On Saturday, he taunted Democrats, reminding them he’s ready to make a deal on securing our borders whenever they’re ready:

“I am in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come on over and make a deal on Border Security,” he laid it out for Democrats in a tweet.

The drama all began when President Trump put his foot down over signing a short-term spending bill that failed to include $5 billion in funding for the wall. While the House ultimately agreed to meet the president’s request, the Senate was unable to reach an agreement — and the federal government entered a partial shutdown last weekend.


  1. Congress gets paid no matter what. Isn’t it funny the ones who are stopping the other government workers from getting paid are still getting paid . It’s like the unions the big bosses to tell the workers to go on strike and not get paid but the big bosses still get paid.

    1. Yep, that is the way it works. I think that Congress should not ever get paid unless they actually do something.

  2. Nancy can easily afford to stay wherever she wants (except the White House since the Clintons are no longer treating it as a Motel 6).

    What IS troubling is that she, and the rest of the Dims, decided to take a break. So any protestations or outrage they express over the shutdown are complete lies.

    1. Why would you want us to believe you don’t know Ryan is Speaker until January 3rd? It wasn”t Nancy & Chuck that opened Congress for less than 5 minutes on Dec. 27th. WHY didn’t McConnell put the House bill on Senate floor for a vote? Why didn’t Ryan put the Senate bill on House floor? McConnell says he is not putting anything on the floor until he knows what Trump will sign. Trump is waiting for you to let him off the hook for that wall, as you did for Mexico paying for it. Get on that.

  3. If I was going for some R&R just before the next two years of politicing, I can’t think of a better place to do it than a swanky resort in Hawaii.

  4. President Trump should have a photo op using an empty chair with her name plate in front of it and a Hawaiian lei draped over it. The caption could be: “While screwing over legal immigrants, birthright, and naturalised citizens of the United States Rep. Nancy Pelosi fled to Hawaii so she could get lei’d.”

    1. I like the “lei’d” line, but America has grown as weary of the photo-ops as the tweeting. Trump sent 2 members of his administration and Senator Graham out Sunday to announce there is NO ACTUAL WALL–wall is metaphor for border security—21st century border security. As soon as his supporters take the same “it doesn’t matter” stance on the wall as they did with Mexico paying for it, Trump can end the shutdown. Could you get that ball rolling?

  5. Wasn’t she not that long ago making fun of trump for going to mar-a-lago or whatever Trump’s resort is called in Florida I think “too often” and said he should be in the white house working?

    1. If you or your 6 up voters can find that quote, you should post it. The only comment I could locate on Pelosi on Trump going to Mar-a largo is when her son partied with the Trumps there last New Years Eve. Perhaps you are confusing Trump’s comments on Obama’s annual Hawaii trip.

  6. Join,, Judicial Watch & Citizens Against Government Waste. Let’s beat these Swamp Clowns at their own game!
    Get involved, it’s more rewarding than posting on blogs!

  7. According to the Washington Examiner: “There is no confirmation whether or not Pelosi’s current trip is on federal taxpayers’ dime.”

    Pelosi’s networth was described as $29M, recently.

    1. Why would it be? She isn’t Speaker until Jan 3rd Even then, she can’t use Speaker’s jet for personnel travel. It’s not as if she is Ryan Zinke, Steve Mnuchin or Scott Pruitt. She isn’t Duncan Hunter either, so she isn’t using campaign funds. A member of the House can use own funds for a family vacation when the House was adjourned by Ryan on December 27th. Pelosi announced she has the votes for passing the CR the Senate unanimously passed last Congress & will send it to McConnell.

  8. I think that if Pelosi wanted to take this lavish vacation to Hawaii she should be made to pay for it herself and not us taxpayers. Maybe we Americans should sue her then impeach HER for in her hand in what the Dems are trying to do and NO I’m not a Republican I’m unaffliated and voted Trump and mid-term voted Republican all the way.

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