Conway Nails Pelosi for Losing Control of Her Temper and Her Caucus Following Trump Prison Remark

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway let Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have it, saying that the California Democrat seems like she has lost control of her “temper” as well as the Democratic caucus she leads.

While giving an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning, Conway was asked to “explain the pickle” that Pelosi is in regarding the increasing impeachment calls from the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Conway said that Pelosi is “under enormous pressure” from her party to go through with impeachment and that it “doesn’t seem” like the House speaker has “control over her temper” when it came to President Donald Trump, pointing to the “incendiary” remarks made by Pelosi last week while the president was on a state visit.

Pelosi reportedly had said to senior Democrats last week that she would like to see the president “in prison.”

Watch the video here:


“A complete disgrace, and then has the audacity at Normandy — sitting steps away from us — to say, ‘Oh, well, I don’t talk about the president when I’m in a foreign country, that’s my principle,'” Conway said. “But she had talked about the president while he was in a foreign country on a state visit.

“She doesn’t have control over her temper when it comes to the president,” the counselor added. “And she doesn’t have control over her caucus.”

Conway pointed out that the “31 Democrats” representing parts of the country won by Trump in the 2016 election “have a very different view about what should be going on” than Pelosi.

The counselor’s comments came a week after the House speaker said she would like to see the president “in prison.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Trump fired back at Pelosi for the comments, blasting her as a “nasty, vindictive, horrible person” who is “incapable of doing deals” during an interview while abroad in France.

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Nancy is trying to hang on by a thin thread. She is scared to death and is desperate to save her own neck and the Dems. The wrongs of the dem party are immense!


I think Nancy is doing a wonderful job. Let’s hope she continues as Speaker until she either had a nervous breakdown or is carried out feetfirst. q.v. RBG, Feinstein.

Wayne Gadow

So if Nancy wants to see Pres. Trump in prison, I’m sure he would make time to visit her, work schedule permitting!

Jule Ray Westcott
Jule Ray Westcott

I am being censored on FB. FB and Mark Suckerberg are stepping up censorships on conservatives and Christians. FB is trying to affect the upcoming elections


Can’t get a room to update Congress. This is how much the left does not want to hear anything except what is in their bubble. What a disgrace!


Remember not that long ago when she got the gavel back and flashed a wide smile for the cameras? Well…looks like the thrill is gone baby!! That gavel has gotten so hard to control!!


Will Nancy’s eyes bug out even farther under this pressure? If so, they’ll pop out of their sockets.

Jim Self

Pelos willi accuse Trump of anything…everythong…while she that drools on her shoes.

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