‘You’re Paying for This Nonsense’: Conway Reminds Taxpayers That They’re Funding Mueller’s Testimony

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway reminded American taxpayers that their money will be going to fund former Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s hearing on Russian election interference later this week.

During an interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Conway was asked for her thoughts regarding Mueller’s upcoming testimony to the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees taking place on Wednesday.

Conway responded by saying that she wanted taxpayers “to see” how the Democrat-controlled House “is spending their money” and blasted the upcoming hearings as “a do-over of the do-over of the do-over.”

She also claimed that some Democratic lawmakers said they wanted the former special counsel to “read from his own report.”

Watch the video here:

“I want the taxpayers to see the way the Democratic Congress is spending their money day in and day out. A do-over of the do-over of the do-over. Mueller made clear in late May in his own press conference that his report is his testimony. I saw this yesterday, [a] Democratic congressmen quoted as saying ‘I want Mueller to read from his own report.'”

“Ladies and gentlemen, taxpayers, you are paying for this nonsense,” added Conway.

The counselor to the president continued on to blast the Democrats for not working to “fix” the U.S. immigration system, infrastructure, or drug prices, and for not voting on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

“The same congress that won’t do that is spending your money. They work for you. This is your money,” continued Conway. “You already paid for the Mueller report and the Mueller investigation. Now, they want Bob Mueller. They want to drag him before Congress and have him read out loud. Bob Mueller book on tape, courtesy of the taxpayer. I don’t think so.”

As IJR News previously reported, the House Democrats are planning to focus their time with Mueller during his testimony on examples of actions that President Donald Trump undertook which could have resulted in criminal charges for obstruction of justice for any other American.

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Government waste?

John Gagliano Jr

Yes just as we pay for all trumps golfing. That he said he’d be too busy to do. Remember tax payers paid for the Hillary investigation. Taxpayers pay for bombs dropped on countries illegally. Let’s cherry pick though.

Patti Harrison

I so very much agree with KellyAnne, the Demoncrats are wasting yours and mine hard earned taxpayer money with a do over of a do over of a do over! They will never stop, because there is a wrong president in the Oval Office, these democrats are completely insane and incompetent!!! There really must be term limitations for congress and the senate, please lets get some fresh blood and fresh ideas!!!


What can a taxpayer do about how a elected crooked politician spend tax money? These crooked politicians have been doing that for years


Kellyanne, it’s only money. You should know the Dimwit Party is extremely proficient at spending OTHER PEOPLE’S money as a build up to implementing their full Socialist agenda .





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