Kellyanne Conway Thinks Reporters Should Be ‘Forced’ and ‘Compelled’ to Stop Negative Coverage

Screenshot/Fox News

Having disappeared during White Supremacy Week — which is lasting long enough that it will soon be in danger of turning into White Supremacy Month — Kellyanne Conway is back on TV and spinning like the Tasmanian Devil hooked up to an IV full of liquid amphetamine.

Conway was being interviewed by the morning zoo crew at “Fox & Friends” on Thursday when Steve Doocy brought up the issue of James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence who had harsh words for Trump after the president’s Tuesday night speech in Phoenix:

DOOCY: A couple nights ago on television, he said he wondered whether or not the president was fit to be president, fit to serve. If James Clapper is watching right now, what’s your message to him?

CONWAY: It’s such an absurd analysis, playing armchair psychiatrist. It’s not just him. It’s a lot of people on TV. I remember — I’m old enough to remember when news stations reported the news and didn’t just have a parade of pundits going out there and opinionating (sic) and rendering their opinions and pontificating and conjecturing. And I think it leads to analysis like this because people end up with very little to say. They are not compelled. They are not forced. Nobody demands that they actually report facts and figures. […] You know, the media and other opinion leaders, they were way too afraid of President Obama and his administration. They’re not afraid enough here.

First, let us pause for a moment to admire the beauty of anyone using Fox News airwaves to complain about news channels filling their schedules with bloviating sacks of air “pontificating and conjecturing.” If these channels banned talking heads, half of Fox’s and every other cable network’s lineups would disappear, along with most of Conway’s opportunities to appear on the air.

Second, the Trump administration has been complaining since before the inauguration about the stories reporters choose to cover as if they are trained journalists with an agency or something. So this is just old whine in a new bottle.

Third, and most importantly: “Compelled?” “Forced?” Someone please give Kellyanne Conway a copy of the First Amendment and explain it to her because she sounds confused.

Listen, if the administration wants reporters who will just report what it wants, it should record its own propaganda and put it on Facebook or something for the people to enjoy. Oh, wait, it is already trying.

Unfortunately, Trump TV is struggling to find accomplishments to list, but maybe it should bring Kellyanne Conway on one of these days so she can find out what it’s like to be interviewed by compliant talking heads. Besides, of course, the ones on Fox.

And if Conway would like to explain to us how what we witnessed Tuesday night was not the sight of a full-blown narcissist having a ranting, angry meltdown, we’re all ears.

What do you think?

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