‘There’s Trouble in Pelosi Paradise’: Conway Mocks Contention Between ‘Radical Freshmen’ and Moderate Dems

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway went after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the House Democrats, putting them on blast by pointing out the growing divide between the moderate members of the party and the “radical freshmen” that have garnered much media attention since their debut in the national spotlight.

During an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” Conway — who has served as counselor to President Donald Trump since 2017 — extended another invitation to House Democrats to meet the president at the White House and discuss efforts to end the crisis at the southern border.

“The offer stands,” Conway fired back at Todd when asked about inviting the Democrats to the White House. “The invitation is open.”

Conway then pointed out that Democratic leadership had met with President Trump “several times” before and during the shutdown centered around the border situation.

She continued on to take aim at the House Democrats, claiming that there is “a great deal of frustration” between the more “rank-and-file” Democrats and the “radical freshmen” such as Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), whose Saturday tweet claiming Democratic leadership used her and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to “show” diversity in the Democratic Party Conway brought up.

Watch the video here:

“They’re very frustrated. They’ve been to the White House, they’ve talked to people like me, quietly, saying that they wish the radical freshmen who get all the magazine covers and all the ink and airtime — I guess they’re really frustrated with leadership today, though, because, overnight or yesterday, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted that they’re so tired of being used to show that the party’s diverse and they can’t get a seat at the table, can’t get their policy issues forward.”

Conway then slammed Pelosi as having “trouble” in paradise and invited the House Speaker to join them in “fix[ing] immigration.”

Tlaib defended Omar’s controversial September 11 comments earlier this week, accusing Omar’s critics of being “racist.” The Michigan GOP responded by tweeting that they were “angry” because Omar “talked about 9/11 like it was nothing” and that it was “unbelievable” that Tlaib would say they are upset because they are “racist,” as IJR Red previously reported.


  1. They realize that as a 3rd, Socialist party they will go nowhere and have hitched their wagons to a party which already had Leftist leanings.

    Now the Dims are under siege because too many entitled idiots want free shit and have the votes to do something about it.

    1. You apparently missed Pelosi’s 60 Minutes interview & may not have not taken the opportunity to watch the released video. There are 5 members of AOC’s group. Five—of a 235 voting member caucus. What bill can’t Pelosi get passed without 5? Compare Pelosi’s interview with Boehner’s 2011 interview. Pelosi is not afraid of 5 members. Boehner was compelled to not say “compromise.” Pelosi stated she is NOT for Medicare for ALL. She has dismissed the GND. Pelosi is not Boehner or Ryan.

  2. Well Duh there diverse Socialist and Democrats are 2 different platforms and should have to run as 2 different parties just as independent and grassroots have always had to these 2 parties should have never been allowed to run as 1 party should be forced to split or be excluded there is no place for socialism in America should not even be an option

    1. Nope. Just like Bernie running as an Independent they understood Socialism would never sell to voters. Now it’s more viable.

      1. Viable as an economic platform for WHOM? Medicare and SS are socialist policies, that is not the same as accepting socialism as an economic basis over capitalism. I do not see 100% capitalism or 100% socialism flying with any Americans today. —Do you see R’s all refusing SS, MC, Medicaid & public schooling-?___They want the government to pay for private schooling! Do you see Bernie NOT collecting on his book sales? Reports of his tax returns would indicate that is not the case.

        1. Remember Social Security was signed into law in the 1930’s by FDR – a Democrat; a program which has been nearly drained and ruined by the D’s.

      2. Don’t you find it amusing that Bernie is a registered Independent and a Socialist/Communist-lite running as a DemocRAT? Talk about confusing the voters.

    2. To this day, I have no explanation as to why the DNC allowed Bernie to run in the Democrat primary in 2016. After his 2016 declared exemption from ALL rules pertaining to Democrat candidates, they allowed him to once again run in the party primaries for 2020!! If one is a Democrat Socialist, seek THEIR nomination and use THEIR resources for your campaign. Bernie could still hold his rallies, which is apparently what he believes being POTUS is all about. Appears to be the prevailing idea.

      1. Two answers which may help. (1) Bernie could never win as a Socialist on a straight Socialist ticket. He would get more votes by covertly bleeding them from the actual registered D’s. And (2) IF Bernie is a “Democrat Socialist”, that means he is a Communist as is AOC. The Democratic Socialists of America organization is a cover for the Nation’s Communists/Marxists. AOC and Tlaib are card carrying members of the DSA. I would not be surprised to learn #44 was also a member.

        1. Sorry, James. there is a difference between socialism & communism. There is also a difference between our economic system of capitalism and socialistic PROGRAMS and 100% capitalism.. We are both capitalists, but I am currently receiving & supportive of SS and Medicare benefits. I am not supportive of contracting the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, et al…, to private corporations. If you agree, we are both supportive of capitalism with socialistic policies.

        2. In regard to what you believe concerning Obama, I have learned to NOT be surprised, But that does not mean I am not saddened by your lack of logical thinking skills when it comes to Obama.

    3. True, BUT. A close examination of the D Party shows it has now morphed into being a full blown Socialist Party. Their 2020 candidates are living proof backed up by Omar, Tlaib and Socialist/Communist AOC.

      1. What is your evidence for your conclusion is a full blown Socialist Party? If you watched Pelosi’s 60 Minutes interview (it is available on line) there are 5 in the AOC group. 5 of 235 Democrats elected to the House in 2018. Does that sound like a takeover?? That is not even close to the Tea Party nut jobs elected in 2010 & 2012.

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