Critics Want to Put ‘Masking Tape Over My Mouth’: Kellyanne Conway Slams Hatch Act Violation Concerns

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway slammed suggestions that she violated the Hatch Act during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

As IJR Red reported, The Office of the Special Counsel recommended that President Donald Trump remove Conway from her position to due multiple violations of the act. The Hatch Act prohibits officials from campaigning for a presidential candidate while in public office.

“It is not even clear to us here at the White House – according to the White House counsel – that the Hatch Act applies to assistants to the president,” Conway said.

She went on to claim that it is not clear what the law does allow.


“It’s not even clear what the Hatch Act allows,” said Conway. “I would be the first, we think I’d be the first member of the West Wing to ever be hauled in front of Congress to talk about the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act means that you can’t advocate for or against the election of an individual.”

Conway pointed out that she was not campaigning, but speaking out about the facts as she saw them.

“And if I’m talking the failures of Obama-Biden care, if I’m taking about the fact that 28 million Americans have no health insurance that’s a fact. If I’m quoting what some of the candidates say about the other candidates, I’m just repeating the news to you as I read it that day.”

The White House adviser said this was a calculated move to silence an outspoken supporter of the president.

“You know what they’re mad about?” she continued, “They want to put a big roll of masking tape over my mouth … They want to silence me now. This is my First Amendment right. They want to chill free speech because they don’t know how to beat [Trump] at the ballot box.”

Democrats will vote on Wednesday to subpoena Conway to testify on the alleged ethics violations, although Trump has already said he does not see any need for discipline.

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  1. Anything to spend our. Tax dollors on,why don’t they. Grow up and act there age,a bunch of babies that are trying to get what they want,this is not Obama anymore Trump will let you cry and make you cry some more time to read the United States Constitution.

  2. Duct tape is way better than masking tape and there should be cases upon cases of it in D.C. …the Biden campaign surely should invest.

  3. “The Hatch Act prohibits officials from campaigning for a presidential candidate while in public office.” Does Trump pay her salary? Does his re-election campaign pay her salary? If not, if the government does, then she is a public official. If she wants to resign from the President’s staff, then she can “talk about the issues as she sees them,” No Problem.

    1. Come on, you are acting as stupidly as Nadler.
      By your reasoning the Sec of State must resign if “he talks about issues as he sees them”.

      You don’t recall Valarie Jarrett talking about the benefits of Obama Care or criticizing an Obama opponent? Get Real!

      The idea that a member of the President’s staff can’t talk about and promote his issues is ludicrous.

  4. The left side of the aisle still doesn’t get it and for that matter some on the right there are a lot of you that will not have a job come November 2020 We the people want change we don’t want politics as usual we want our rights back as granted by the constitution we want our elected officials to realize they work for us not the other way around We know that term limits won’t happen until we replace the old guard with men of integrity who see this as a service to the country not a guaranteed income for life benefit. I for one want my government run like a business. This is still the only nation where opportunity is all around you and it is up to you to find your way Now who is more ethical the straight shooter who tells it like it is with no filter or congress who has spent the last 40 years telling us what they think we want to hear and do nothing more than play a game of smoke and mirrors with the public

    1. Your post should then be a reminder to all law-abiding, red-blooded American voters that we MUST vote straight Republican in every upcoming election to defeat any and all Leftist candidates. The mob presently running to oppose President Trump in 2020 have made it clear there will be a “utopia” in our future where everything is FREE; nobody has to pay a dime for a college education (including potential doctors?), nobody will have to have a job (WHY the FREE education then?) and all debt will be wiped off the books. Of course they make no sense. They’re pandering for votes from the low-IQ voters.

      It will be such a wonderful life under Socialism, Communism or Marxism; except for the loss of our freedoms, jobs, property, famine (there’s always your neighbor’s garbage cans), theft and murders which generally accompany that failed philosophy.

      Sir Winston Churchill said it best on October 22, 1945 in the House of Commons: “The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

    2. Agree with you — only a slight correction on a possible oversight: men AND WOMEN of integrity

  5. Omar committed fraud and received a smack on the hand. Tliab committed fraud by lying about where she lived to get elected. She didn’t live in the district and her father verified that she lied. Nothing happens to her. So they need to clean their own house and quit going for over-reach.

    1. Nor has anything been done to Omar for writing a $5,000 check to herself from campaign funds or the two checks – $5,000 and $15,500 – Tlaib wrote to herself from campaign funds. Add to that the money (and campaign van used) Bozo O’Rourke’s staff spent from campaign funds to feed and assist Illegal Aliens in El Paso, TX avoid ICE deportations. And, AOC doesn’t escape the limelight for paying her boyfriend “for services rendered and unrelated to her campaign” from campaign funds.

  6. Whether or not she violated the Hatch Act (Of course she did) the real reason that this has been brought up is the fact that she is a loud-mouthed, rude, butt-recognizing, arrogant skank. For all of those reasons, I believe that all of us Trump supporters should rise up in anger. (Satire Alert!!)

  7. Whether or not she violated the Hatch Act (of course she did), behind the scenes the reason the powers that be are trying to silence her is that she is a loud-mouthed, rude, butt-recognizing, arrogant skank. I do recognize all these qualities, as do her supporters. As such, please do not hinder her approach to the media.

  8. Stupid assanine dummycrats look for anybody they can that’s on Trump side just to act like they’re doing something for their constituents.
    Stupid bunch of losers.

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