‘None of This Is Going to Work’: TX AG Shreds O’Rourke’s Plan for ‘Creating’ Illegal Immigration ‘Incentive’

The attorney general for the state of Texas shredded 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas) for giving more people an “incentive” to try to enter the country illegally.

While giving an interview on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) was pressed about O’Rourke’s new immigration proposal that he would begin enacting “day one” of his presidency, should he win the office.

Paxton immediately blasted O’Rourke’s proposal as “creat[ing] a greater incentive” for more people to immigrate illegally to the U.S., noting that O’Rourke’s plan would not work “without border security.”

Watch the video here:

Some of the points of O’Rourke’s proposed plan include:

  • Stopping family separations at the border and ending “illegal policies” like the “‘Remain in Mexico'” policy.
  • Only holding “those with criminal backgrounds representing a danger to our communities” in detainment.
  • Creating a “community-based visa” program.
  • “Immediately remove the fear of deportation” for DACA recipients, their parents, and “Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Enforced Departure beneficiaries.”

The Texas attorney general continued on to proclaim that “none of” O’Rourke’s plan “is going to work” and that without increased border security or measures such as “a wall,” “more technology,” or “more border agents,” the proposal would “create an incentive” for more people to attempt to cross over illegally.

Paxton then pointed out that it was “interesting” that over O’Rourke’s three-term tenure as a congressman, he “offered nothing like this” but now that he is taking a run at the White House “he has this great solution that doesn’t work.”

He was then asked what solutions could be implemented to deal with the growing immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Something he does not address is human trafficking, this drug trade, the crime that’s going on at our border,” said Paxton. “We have to have more border security agents, we have to have that wall in the right places, we have to have the technology to deal with this.”

O’Rourke faces a massive Democratic primary field with 23 candidates aiming to secure the party’s nomination for the presidency.

As IJR Red previously reported, O’Rourke’s recent televised CNN town hall event received lackluster viewership, potentially signaling voters’ declining interest in the Texas Democrat.