‘I Miss Him Every Day’: Kevin McCarthy Remembers His Dad in Touching Father’s Day Video


House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) recalled the life and character of his father, Owen McCarthy, in a touching Father’s Day video posted to Twitter.

In a tweet posted Sunday morning, McCarthy recounted the life of his father, who served his community as a firefighter and passed away from cancer at the age of 58.

“My dad was a firefighter who lost his life to cancer when he was 58, but even in the midst of his battle, he always kept a positive attitude,” the House minority leader wrote in the tweet. “I miss him every day.”

McCarthy said in the video that during his father’s fight with cancer he retained his positive outlook on life and still held his job as a fireman close to his heart, even “taking a ride down the street” on a firetruck as it was responding to a call, chemo treatment IV bag in hand.

“You could never take the fireman out of him,” said McCarthy.

Watch the video here:

The House minority leader continued on to say that, while his dad’s “attitude was amazing,” the thing he “miss[ed] the most” about his father was his “sense of humor” and his “laughter,” recalling that he would “get to telling a story and laughing where he couldn’t finish it.”

“I wish on this Father’s Day that I could just hear that laugh one more time,” added McCarthy.

Other Republican lawmakers honored their dads with tweets on Father’s Day, too.

Freshman Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) shared a picture of him and his father, saying that he “never heard” his dad “complain” in the face of polio as a child and “watch[ing] his only son battle cancer.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also shared a picture of him and his father with comedian Larry the Cable Guy from his show at Republic Country Club and BBQ.

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Patriot 1

I also lost my Dad at 58. Miss him every day. Wish I could hear his voice or get his advice on a million things. I Pray he’s in God’s Hands with Mom …and Dancing!


I never really got to know my father as he died from cancer when I was eight. When I was 11 my mom married a great man who not only loved my mother but ultimately adopted me and my three siblings. He is now 99 years old and I am privileged to have had him as my dad. I’m sure my father would have approved.


To all the men on this list (and some of the women): Thank you Dad for life, for love, for friendship and laughter. Forever Thanks





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