Gold Star Father And Trump Agitator Khizr Khan Endorses Joe Biden

Khizr Khan, the father of an American soldier killed during the Iraq War and a frequent Trump critic, has endorsed Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

In a statement put out by the Biden campaign, Khan said, “I’m supporting Joe Biden for President because of the America he stands for and the one he will fight for — the country that my son, Humayun Khan, believed in and fought for so bravely.”

Khan continued in his statement that “Vice President Biden has always put the country above himself. From the days after he was first elected Senator to his time serving alongside President Obama, Vice President Biden has never wavered in his commitment to our country. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, has consistently chosen self over country, seeking the aid of totalitarian governments to sway elections and undermine our rule of law to serve his self-interest.”

He added, “Hate has no place in this country. Beating Donald Trump and the hatred he promotes is the top priority in this election. But after Trump is gone, we need someone to help unite us and help us heal. I trust Joe Biden to be that person because I know his heart like I know my own. He understands loss and pain in a way that crosses barriers and connects all people.”

An official with the Biden campaign told CNN that Khan will campaign for Biden in New Hampshire.

Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala Khan appeared on the DNC stage in 2016, where they spoke out against President Trump. In response, the president lashed out at the gold star parents. At the time, he had not been elected president yet and his attacks on the gold star parents caused many Republicans to frown at their nominee.

Trump also accused Khan of being a puppet for Hillary Clinton. In an interview with ABC, he said of Khan’s DNC speech, “who wrote that? Did Hillary’s scriptwriters write it?”

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