Released Text Messages Reveal Kim Foxx Called Smollett a ‘Washed Up Celeb Who Lied to Cops’: Report

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New text messages released from the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx revealed that the prosecutor continued to talk to the prosecution team working on the high-profile Jussie Smollett case after she had recused herself, Fox News reported Wednesday.

In response to the Chicago Tribune’s public records request, Foxx’s office released text messages on Tuesday between Foxx and the prosecution team handling Smollett’s case where she expressed concern of “overcharging” the “Empire” actor.

She also referred to Smollett as a “washed-up celeb who lied to cops” while comparing his case to R&B singer R. Kelly.

“Sooo……I’m recused, but when people accuse us of overcharging cases…16 counts on a class 4 [felony] becomes exhibit A. Pedophile with 4 victims 10 counts. Washed up celeb who lied to cops, 16.”

Foxx also added, “Just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should.”

Take a look:

R. Kelly was indicted on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse towards four minors last month. Foxx made headlines last month when her office shocked the nation by dropping the felony charges against Smollett, who was indicted on 16 counts of disorderly conduct.

The Cook County State’s Attorney faced calls to resign after the charges were dropped, with one anonymous associate state’s attorney saying that Foxx’s handling of the case made the office “an international laughing stock,” as IJR Red previously reported.

Kamil Krzaczynski/Reuters

Smollett — who is African-American and gay — had allegedly lied to police about a hate-fueled attack on him by two men in masks that tied a noose around his neck, poured bleach on the actor, and yelled racist and anti-gay slurs at the “Empire” actor.

He told police that the attack happened as he was walking back from a Subway sandwich shop in Chicago on January 29. Smollett was indicted for the 16 felony counts at the beginning of March. After the charges were dropped, Smollett agreed to community service and to pay $10,000 in bond money.

Chicago is suing Smollett for the over $130,000 cost to the city from the case after the actor refused to pay it. Smollett could have to pay three times the amount to the city after the suit.

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Question for Fox. If Smollett were white and perpetrated fraud AND a hate-crime against whites and straights would you prosecute him?

If not, why?


So Foxx argues that “overcharging” is an issue. How does NOT charging serve to ameliorate this? It’s not like there’s a giant scoreboard, though the Left may just have one.

How does failing to prosecute AND slapping law-enforcement in the face serve justice at all? You did this for purely political reasons and deserve to have your career ruined.


Correction, Smollett is 1/2 AA, 1/2 Jewish. Get it right.

Not crediting him for half his heritage is racist.

Judy Smith

Consider all the corruption that is still in Chicago–and those still affiliated with the city, what else would you expect? What else COULD you expect? Both Obamas still have a huge say-so in what goes on there. And the mayor—why would he really want to do something about all the shootings and killings? They are lining his pockets with the drug money from the cartels he is associated with. On a different note—-I’m sorry, but this Foxx woman makes me laugh every time I see her.





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