Kim Jong Un Confirms to China His Commitment to Denuclearization 

North Korea confirmed to China on Thursday its commitment to denuclearization, a pledge the rogue nation made during a historic summit with South Korea last week.

During a meeting with a Chinese diplomat on Thursday, Kim Jong Un said he is committed to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, according to Reuters

“Kim Jong Un said achieving the denuclearization of the peninsula is the firm position of the North Korean side,” the Chinese government’s top diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi, said following his visit to Pyongyang.

The North Korean leader reportedly also told Wang that the peaceful resolution was the result of recent positive changes on the peninsula.

There’s been speculation over exactly what denuclearization means for North Korea, and whether or not it’s in line with what the United States has called for.

However, Trump has made it clear exactly what he wants out of the North Korean summit and his definition of denuclearization.

It means they get rid of their nukes. Very simple,” Trump said last month.

“It would be easy for me to make a simple deal and claim victory. I don’t want to do that,” he continued. “I want them to get rid of their nukes.”

Kim’s reported comments come as the nation has reportedly released three American detainees from North Korean labor camps, another significant win for President Donald Trump.

While the White House has yet to confirm the prisoners’ releases, according to the Financial Times, the U.S. will be able to return the detainees home on or before the planned summit between the two nations. 

Following last week’s surprise summit between North and South Korea, Trump received praise for his role in progressing the rift between the neighboring countries. 

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice specifically signaled out the president for “having turned up the heat on China,” noting that he deserves “a lot of credit” for the progress being made on North Korea relations. 

“I have to tell you, the former Secretary Tillerson really does have a lot of credit,” Rice added.

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