Kim Kardashian Dishes on Call With Ivanka Trump to Start Pardon Process With Trump — ‘She Immediately Got It’

Reality TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian West shared that when she contacted President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, about a pardon for Alice Johnson, the president’s daughter was immediately on board. 

During an interview with CNN’s Van Jones, Kardashian West explained that after she saw Johnson’s story on Twitter, she called Ivanka. 

“I reached out to Ivanka, and I said, ‘You know, I know that you have compassion for women like this,'” she revealed. 

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Kardashian West said she shared Johnson’s story with Ivanka, who “immediately got it” and “immediately felt it,” and she put her in touch with her husband, senior adviser Jared Kushner. 

“He has really been amazing,” Kardashian West said of Kushner. “He listened to her story, would always ask for more details and more paperwork and letters.”

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Kardashian West’s seven-month-long calls with Kushner resulted in a meeting with Trump at the White House and a commuted sentence for Johnson. 

“When I initially called Ivanka, I said, ‘I would love a meeting with your dad,'” she shared.

While she doesn’t agree with the president politically, she explained that when she went into the meeting, she was focused on freeing Johnson and not battling every policy decision.

“I’ve been even so honest [with Kushner] to say, ‘Look, Trump is the last person I thought that would have done this, but he did, and he pulled through,'” she said. 

As far as the backlash she received for taking the meeting, Kardashian West, who is no stranger to having her actions publicly scrutinized, anticipated it but decided to take the meeting because it was “bigger” than her.

“I’m worried about my brand, and a woman’s been in jail for 22 years almost? It wasn’t even a question,” she explained. 

During a phone call with Johnson, Kardashian West was actually the first person to tell her that she was going home because Trump had commuted her sentence.

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