Jimmy Kimmel Uses Fifth Graders to Take Shots at President Trump and the First Family for Thanksgiving

Gregg DeGuire/Jim Lo Scalzo/Getty Images

Even on the Thanksgiving holiday, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel continues to mock President Donald Trump — this time with a “The First Trumpsgiving” performance.

Kimmel explained that the meaning of Thanksgiving “hasn’t changed much,” so he wanted to “spice it up” this year.

Using a group of fifth graders from Mar-a-Lago Country Day School in Palm Beach, Florida, the host welcomed them on stage as they set out to perform their own version of Thanksgiving, incorporating Trump.

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One girl, the narrator, explained that the first pilgrims were the Trump family arriving on their “private yacht” named the “May Flower” to Plymouth, Mass.

A little boy came onto the stage, sporting a red tie and blond hair, portraying the president — alongside him, a girl played the U.S. first lady Melania Trump.

“We’re gonna put the golf course right here, and the hotel right here,” the boy playing President Trump said as he came on stage. “It’s going to be yuge!”

Then, as Native Americans walked onto the stage, the boy yelled, “Oh no, it’s the caravan of immigrants from South America.”

Seemingly afraid, he said, “Watch out. They’re bad hombres” — an act seemingly mockingly Trump and the migrant caravan headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border.

The girl playing a Native American said, “We’re not immigrants” — with the boy playing President Trump responding, “Well, we’re American Americans and we were here first.”

As the performance went on, the group gathered for a feast, as the boy playing Trump built a brick “wall of cornbread.”

“And you’re going to pay for it,” the boy said in response to the Native American actor.

The performance also took aim at Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. over their previous controversial actions of hunting — with a “Thanksgiving miracle” of KFC appearing afterward.

When they concluded the performance, the group sang:

“We wish you a great Trumpsgiving, we wish you a bigly Trumpsgiving, we wish you a winning Trumpsgiving, except for all the haters and the losers.”

Watch the video below:

However, Trump’s Thanksgiving day so far hasn’t been filled with a wall of cornbread or KFC. Instead, he’s spent time on a teleconference wishing military members overseas a happy Thanksgiving and showing his gratitude toward them.

“Your courage truly inspires us,” he said on the phone with service members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and U.S. Coast Guard — afterward he visited a Coast Guard station where he individually thanked each member present for their service.

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Wanda Baker

That’s going way to far. Roseanne’s life was pretty much destroyed because of 1 tweet that wasn’t anywhere near as bad as this is. I hope in all fairness this asshole is taken off the air immediately! People r getting tired of these Hollywood stars being able to disrespect our President & not suffering any consequences 4 it! I boycotted the Conner Show because of what was done 2 Roseanne. I can’t even look at her co-stars none of them were loyal 2 her yet some became rich due to her.

Fancee Woodring

The truth is I have never liked you and now I like you even less. You have never been funny. I have always wondered how you ever got that job. With you make up off your face I would bet $5 that you smell like butt.


This is beyond disgusting! Kimmel should be taken off the air! Of course, I don’t watch this POS anyway.

Christian Beckman

Yeah, this wasn’t funny at all! This jackass hates Trump so much he is willing to talk some kids into putting on a skit about him that portrays him in a negative light! Because he involved children in this, it is at the very least borderline indoctrination!

Allen Zabel

Typical, liberal mindset.
No shame, whatsoever.
One should ask the liberal twits.
Why weren’t these kids aborted?
Oh, maybe that’s too harsh and I may have “offended” one of them.
Too Bad!


I am a Trump supporter, and I don’t think this was so bad. This skit reminds me if the old “Mad Magazine” and in some ways, it’s humorous. In some ways, it’s disgusting as well, so I understand the harsh reaction here.

HOWEVER, my bottom line is this: I think it’s SAD that Trump detractors ***mock the rule of law***! It appears they will only be happy with total anarchy in America.

Finally, as someone already said, KIMMEL IS A POS!

Linda Babo Smith

Any parent that allowed their children to participate in this should be turned into the CPS and shame on this POS that this biased and fake media puts on there acting like God himself.


Someone needs to beat the crap out of this guy.





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