Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand ‘Definitely Thinking’ About Running for President

Kirsten Gillibrand
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand may be yet another Democrat throwing themselves into the 2020 presidential race to potentially challenge President Donald Trump.

Like other major Democratic players in the race so far, Gillibrand hasn’t officially announced a run but said she would wait until after the holidays to make her decision.

On CNN Saturday, Gillibrand almost confirmed a presidential run. “I’m definitely thinking about it, of course,” she said. “And I’m going to think about it over the holidays with my children and my husband, and I will make a decision soon.”

Other potential candidates, such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Beto O’Rourke, also said they’re waiting until after the holidays and family discussions to decide one way or another. For Gillibrand, the decision also is based on her faith.

“This is sort of where my faith drives me. I do believe in these moments of great darkness — of great pain, of great suffering, of great division, of great hatred — that all of us are called to do something … to restore what is good in our world,” Gillibrand said. “And I feel very called at this moment to fight as hard as I possibly can to restore that.”

Gillibrand is among other 2020 potentials such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris that are eyeing the historic position of first female president of the United States. Just last week, Gillibrand tweeted that the future is “female” and while she got pushback from conservatives, she’s not backing down from the overall message.

“I aspire for our country to recognize the beauty of our diversity in some point in the future,” she said on CNN.  “And I hope some day we have a woman president. … A more inclusive America is a stronger America.”
The announcement this week is a flip from two years ago, when Gillibrand said she was ruling out a presidential bid to focus on her time as U.S. senator.

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“This is sort of where my faith drives me.” She identifies as Catholic yet also supports abortion. I am not Catholic but I am thinking that abortion is not something that the Catholic church supports.


LMAO: she’s gonna run to “restore what is good in our world”: sounds like one of the pretty airheads who is in the running for Miss Millennial Wannabe America – contestants asked dumb questions and provide even dumber answers. Investigate her “calling” to be Leader of the free world- it may have been psychically planted by the Havanese Cubans, then revitalize the Party by allowing the return of the swimsuit segment

Pat Warnock

Really? Joining with Beppo in a SNL skit?


Yeah, but on behalf of which sex?





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