Democrat Klobuchar Announces Plan to Help U.S. Teachers and Students

Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar rolled out a plan on Friday to provide additional resources for America’s public school teachers and students as she and her rivals seek the support of teachers’ unions.

Klobuchar, a U.S. senator from Minnesota whose mother was a teacher, was due to announce a plan that provides federal funding for states that take certain actions, including increasing teacher pay.

Klobuchar was due to announce her plan at a forum in Houston, Texas, held by the National Education Association, the largest teachers’ union in the U.S.

Klobuchar and nine other Democrats vying to become the nominee to take on Republican president Donald Trump in next year’s election were also due to speak, including front-runner Joe Biden, the former vice-president, and California U.S. senator Kamala Harris, who has been gaining in the polls since a strong debate performance last month.

Teachers and their unions are being eagerly courted by the large slate of Democrats seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination to run against Trump. Educators are a key voting bloc in state nominating contests and have flexed their political muscle in the past two years with a wave of strikes and protests over better pay and resources.

Under Klobuchar’s “Progress Partnership” plan, if elected president she would seek to provide federal funds for states that pledge to take, or have already taken, certain actions regarding their schools.

States that agree to increase teacher pay would receive matching federal funds for those increases. States would also need to update their high school curricula to improve workforce readiness, and demonstrate an equitable system to repair schools across their state, to receive additional federal help.

In her first 100 days if elected president, Klobuchar was due to tell the forum that she would also reduce racial disparities in disciplining students, prevent the expansion of private school vouchers – a Trump administration policy – and protect the rights of LGBTQ students.

(Reporting by Tim Reid; Editing by Susan Thomas)


  1. So Amy wants to give the teachers union (NEA) more power with students and prevent funding for private school vouchers, and for what, so the teachers can indoctrinate our children more and destroy their lives and souls? I would make sure that the children in my care will never go to to public schools, and I will tell any friend of mine that has children to pull them out of public school and homeschool them!!

  2. Seems like the Democraps, like how foreign countries, handle their schools, and their health care.
    Heads up:
    The majority of foreign countries hold school sessions, year around.
    But here, teachers get paid a salary, for an entire year.
    But in fact, work les than nine months, in a year.
    Most teachers, according to the union, hold part time summer jobs as well.
    It should be easy to figure out, a monthly, weekly, or even an hourly salary, based on that.
    Then and only then, should we discuss raises.

  3. Tax and spend, that’s all that they know is tax and spend. Because their fools that act madly. They love to hold you tightly,so they can rob you blind.

  4. “Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie.”….Pink Floyd
    Why is it the Dumbocrats think that money is theirs for the taking? Those who can’t pay taxes outright should at least have to kick in a tad. The middle-class does bear most of the burden, however, without wealthy people, corporations, etc., there would be no jobs. Capitalism is not the ENEMY, but socialism leads to a Venezuela situation if not outright communism. Those are definitely failed economic methods. The Red Chinese are smart enough to have manipulated economics in their own favor, but they are unique in that regard. Their people are still completely under the government thumb though and that won’t cut it here.

  5. Why is throwing money at everything is the Dems answer to solving all problems? When I was in elementary school, classes had 45 students per one teacher. There were no aides for the teacher or special needs children. Families were stronger then and had disciplined children. That is so different from today where our classrooms have aides to help a class of 33 students. Thirty-three students is too many for a class today, because parents bubble wrap their children. God has been taken out of schools. Parents get mad at the principal if a letter is sent to the parents or announced to children to stay away from a person driving around asking kids to come with them in the car to find a lost kitty. Yet the state will make the teachers have an drag queen come into class to read a story to children about a child who likes wearing clothes of the opposite gender. Money won’t fix families or society. They need a good kick in the pants! Schools hosting parent nights at school teaching parents how to be parents would be much better! Public service announcements on all media to strengthen our families and country would be worth much, much more! Developing strong relationships, not noses in the phones, is the key to strong families and society.

  6. Increase teacher pay by all means, they deserve it. Best thing she could do for education is to get the federal government out of it and allow teachers to teach without all the other garbage attached. She won’t get my vote I don’t care which teacher unions are supporting her. That is the problem with teacher unions, the ones in charge speak for those on the jobs whether it is what is best for them or not. I have great confidence in the county associations but I don’t believe the national associations speak well for all areas, like NEA.

  7. Once again you see a democrat pandering to the teacher unions which are the major problem … interestingly you don’t see Booker talking about the great charter schools he held up in Newark anymore. They all want the money the unions provide.

  8. Democrats never met a promise that they can’t fulfill. But it sounds good while they’re campaigning.

  9. She’s a Little demonCrap short and shout , she open mouth and the Lies come out !!!

  10. Outside of mentioning them ONCE in the article, she’s missing the point. There are these things called “students” and “results”.

    Education is an industry, although now it’s focused on indoctrination. Why Jack is now Jill. What about the results, the product? Throwing more money is NOT a solution. (apparently she really likes throwing things)

    If she were not just demagoguing for union votes she’d make increases contingent on success. More graduates. Better test scores. More productive citizens with actual education and not just raw stock for the college-industrial complex.

    But she didn’t. Calling out the unions, teachers, and administrators for results would not allow her to pander for votes.

    1. I’m glad you were once in a position to see the internal workings of the educational system. From everything i read, “Education” has been replaced by “Indoctrination” by already overpaid Leftists calling themselves “teachers”:

      I am still an advocate for home schooling. Three of my 10 grandchildren were NEVER enrolled in a public school setting and the youngest at 16 was already in college full time. Doubt that would have been possible in the public indoctrination system.

  11. Increase teacher pay; improve school (buildings), etc., etc., etc. WHO loses: the taxpayer who will probably have to work two jobs to pay for the pay of teachers and building repairs. WHO else loses: the students who are being watched by overpaid babysitters and are taught ? ? ? ? Good idea as far as it went.

      1. I’m guessing teacher pay is priority #1 with student indoctrination lost somewhere in the shuffle.

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